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Vintage 1982 Mother Son Incest Erotica

Title:  Mom Gets Her Licks

Series:  Greenleaf Classics AB-5457

Author: Kathy Andrews

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  A Peter Magnum Edition

Language: English

Length:  32,519 Words

ISBN:  LC1000144

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Mom Gets Her Licks - by Kathy Andrews

Mom Gets Her Licks


Ooo, look at that!” Becky squealed, pointing at her brother's hard-on.

“Mmmmm, beautiful, isn't it?” Julie cooed softly, still glowing from her orgasm. “Beautiful and hard.”

Becky rolled her tight panties down, her young eyes on the bulge of her brother's cock. “I'm gonna fuck it!” she squealed. “I'm gonna get that big cock in my cunt and fuck it good!”

She tossed her panties away, and Julie caught them. As site watched her daughter drop to her knees and start tugging bet brother's shorts off, she lifted the wet crotch of Becky's panties to her mouth and sucked at the cunt taste of them, seeing her son's cock flip upward stiffly as his shorts were jerked down.

Becky grasped her brother's cock in a small fist and began pumping it fast and furiously, squealing excitedly. She jacked her twin brother's cock as if she had never felt it before.

She leaned over, drawing her knees under her body, one hand holding her head and shoulders up, the other pumping swiftly at his prick.

Julie's eyes glazed with passion as she watched that small fist, the waggle of Becky's compact, naked ass.

“Suck him!” Julie hissed.

“Yeah!” Ben agreed.

“Suck his cock, Becky!” Julie gasped, wiping her face with the wet crotch of her daughter's panties. “Suck his hard cock! Take your brother's hard cock in your mouth and suck it!”

Becky gurgled, lowering her face, her tongue swirling about the smooth, swollen head of her brother's prick. Her small ass wiggled, and Julie saw the youngster's hairless cunt sucking inward.

With a soft squeal, Becky closed her mouth over her brother's cock. She held the cockhead in her mouth for a while, her tongue fluttering in hot, wet circles. Then she moved her mouth downward, taking her brother's cock deep inside her small, greedy mouth. Her lips stretched widely and her eyes seemed to bulge with surprised rapture.

Julie moaned as she watched her daughter's lips pressing at the hairless base of Ben's cock.



When this sexy older woman starts having taboo fantasies about her handsome son, she’s too turned on to resist. Now, Julie must confront her forbidden and immoral cravings daily. Each night brings more temptation to the surface, as this mother learns her son and daughter are experimenting together. With two teens demanding the satisfaction of their incestuous fantasies, will this mother receive more pleasure than she can handle?

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Brother Sister Sex, Lesbian Mother Daughter, MILF Seduction, Family Group Sex, Depraved Hardcore Sex, Vintage 1970's Erotica, Kathy Andrews AB–5457


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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The Original 1982 Cover