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Brother Sister Incest Romance Novels

Title:  Mitch & Lorelai

Series:  Loving Siblings No.1

Author: C. Shields

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  C. Shields

Language: English

Length:  51,410 Words

ISBN:  LC1200040

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3D Ebook Cover - Mitch & Lorelai - Loving Siblings No.1 - by C. Shields

Mitch & Lorelai


She jolted as her eyes flew open the moment she felt her brother kissing her between her legs. She shot her head up from her pillow just in time to see his tongue slide up her slightly parted slit. A wave of fire swept over her and she threw back her head with a long, delirious moan. The alien but powerful sensations he conjured swept through her like a tidal wave, and she felt her body shake as her brother’s tongue gently lapped her increasingly moist pussy.

With skill—and an iron will to not immediately fuck her—Mitch gently seduced his sister into full participation. He needed it, because tonight he would have her orgasm. Tonight he would bind her to him through pleasure she’d never experienced before. He wanted her to remember who could make her feel the most intense pleasure any human body could experience.

He licked her sweet, slick pussy with tenderness until her hips began to fidget. Then he rose to hover over her as he looked at her flushed and delirious little face. His naked body was tense and sinewy over her soft glowing length, and the cold in the room no longer affected either of them in the rising heat of their incestuous lust.

As he held her gaze, he wrapped sinewy fingers around his thick cock. Then he gently rubbed the head slowly up and down her wet slit until the glans was slippery with her nectar. He positioned the tip at her wet hole and gently eased in as he lowered over her warm, writhing body. She widened her legs and her back slowly arched as he pushed deeper inside his sister’s sweet, hot body.

The first thing Lorelai noticed was her brother. Her naked brother!...


Mitch Brady and his beautiful younger sister, Lorelai, have lived all their lives in the rural mountainous Crayton Creek under the iron fist of their brutal father and their treacherously enabling mother. Isolated from association with their social peers, they come of age together and discover hot lust and intensity of forbidden true love amid bitter betrayal to test their unbreakable Brady spirit.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Remote Mountain Isolation, Forbidden Sibling Sex, Taboo Bro-Sis Love, Family Exotica


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Relative Taboo

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