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Doggy Edition Erotica

Title:  Mind Control & Hypnosis 4-Pack

Series:  Volume 1 ~ Doggy Edition

Author: Amber FoxxFire

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Amber FoxxFire

Language: English

Length:  9,000 Words

ISBN:  LC4500026

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3D Ebook Cover - Mind Control & Hypnosis 4-Pack Vol 1 - Doggy Edition - by Amber FoxxFire

Mind Control & Hypnosis 4-Pack


* Dog is My Master

When Debbieís dog swallows an unknown pill, it gives him the power to control and direct her thoughts. Grizzly, the large Akita, takes this new-found ability to its logical conclusion.

In this hot, forbidden story, Grizzly, a male Akita, dominates his mistress and mates with her, knotting himself inside her. With his new mind-control powers, it is he who becomes the alpha and he forces her to submit to him.

* Mind Controlled By The Bossís Dog

Left alone in the office with the bossís large great dane, I thought Iíd finally be able to get some work done. Rex, however, had other ideas.

Intruding his thoughts into mine, Rex easily crumbled my will and took what he wanted from me. With my resistance gone, I submitted to him and complied with all his wishes.

All of them.

* Hypnotized By My Dog

Things had changed ever since Iíd lapped up that weird, green liquid. I didnít know what it was and didnít care. All I knew was that now I suddenly had the power to influence my Humanís mind.

Smelling my fertile Humanís heat pushed me over the edge. I had to have her. I needed to embed myself deep within her and mate with her. Reaching out to her mind, I found that she was weak. Now was my chance!

* Carrying My Masterís Puppies

Dobby, my large, dominant doberman wanted me to carry his pups. How do I know this? He started sending me visions of myself pregnant with his puppies. I told him that it couldnít be done. However, he was relentless. As the dominant alpha and my master, he wouldnít take no for an answer. He continued, day after day, to wear me down by sending me thoughts of pregnancy. My resistance melted and I couldnít think of anything else. I was his to command and lived only for him.

One day I decided to talk to a friend about my problem. Her father worked at a large pharmaceutical company and sheíd heard that they were studying this very thing. They promised that if I signed up, they would give me a pill that would allow my eggs to accept his sperm.

For my master, I signed up! This one pill promised to change my life forever.



4-Pack of Stories Include: - Dog is My Master - Mind Controlled By The Bossís Dog - Hypnotized By My Dog - Carrying My Masterís Puppies

eBook TAGS    bestiality, bestiality erotica, beastiality, breeding, zoophilia, mind control, beastiality erotica


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