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YA Novels - Sweet Kisses of Youth

Title:  Melissa - Torrid Island Mistress

Series:  N/A

Author: Marshall Gibson

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  61,088 Words

ISBN:  9781301854523

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Melissa - Torrid Island Mistress


This book recounts the details of seven trips I made to the Philippine Islands over the course of three years, whereby I initiated and maintained an extra-marital relationship with a particular Filipina, of whom I was greatly smitten. I choose to use the word relationship in order to describe the bond between us, as opposed to the more typical word of affair, as this more accurately conveys to the reader the true depth of the bond we shared.

As you read this discourse, I am sure that you are able to readily discern something quite significant about me – I am quite partial to the polygamist way of life. I believe that a man, by right of nature, should be allowed the opportunity to have more than one wife. It is rather pointless to disguise such facts or to dress them up as something else for the sake of political correctness. I have no interest in writing an apology for my beliefs, nor do I intend spending time in condemning others for theirs. Adult readers can presumably reach their own moral judgments without reassurance from the author.

But placing moral objections aside, it is my hope that the words that fill the following pages will serve as an open confession of sorts regarding my relations with this particular Filipina outside of my formal marriage. And in addition, I hope that this volume of work may serve as a testament to that remarkable relationship with this particular Filipina, and the absolutely genuine bond we shared. It is my hope that the candid discourse of this narrative may serve as a testament to these very special women.

And finally, before I begin this story, a few words of caution are in order. Despite my obvious fervor and enthusiasm in my relationship with this other woman, I am in no way suggesting that anyone should follow in my footsteps. Both my wife and Melissa exhibited exceptional courage and grace to actually make their personal acquaintance in July of 2003. It is my hope that the candid discourse of this narrative may serve as a testament to these very special women.

While this narrative is based on actual events, a considerable degree of creative license was used in the compiling of this narrative. As a result, certain aspects of the story have been somewhat fictionalized for the sake of... I'd prefer to say, "Creating dramatic interest," but the truth is, its fictionalized to protect me and my wives.



Melissa, by any definition, could never be described as a typical mistress. Without question, she means much more. This fine woman, with my wife's permission, became... my second wife. This work of 'faction'—a mixture of fact with enough fiction to protect the guilty is written in documentary form. Few stories are told in such a colorfully expressive manner without yielding to overly erotic prose.

eBook TAGS    YA Young Adult, Contemporary Romance, Barely Legal, Virgin Island Girl, Sugar Daddy, Filipina Marriage, Interracial Romance, Philippine Travelogue, Sweet Kisses of Youth


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