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Lesbian Erotic Romance Novels

Title:  Martha

Series:  N/A

Author: Jeff DeLuna

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  65,485 Words

ISBN:  9781311613219

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3D Ebook Cover - Martha, by Jeff DeLuna



Kay Ford is a thirty-eight year-old housewife who has never been in love. She has a twenty-year old daughter who has been raised mostly by her doting father, Kay's husband, Adam. Kay has her Catholic faith to sustain her, but it often falls short of providing enough comfort to give her a reason to go on. When she attended high school, she was a star soccer player, giving notoriety to herself and her school, St. Leo's Academy.

One day Kay is offered the temporary position of soccer coach at St. Leo's while the current coach completes her pregnancy. Kay takes to the new job with enthusiasm and hope and it soon rejuvenates her moribund life. She is gaining emotional strength until she meets one of her players, eighteen year-old Martha McBride. At the first sight of Martha, Kay is pixillated. Martha's unparalleled beauty and irresistible magnetism captivate Kay. She tries to resist having such strong feelings for Martha, but it's to no avail. The stark fact is that she has fallen in love with Martha. At first, there is no sexual component to her love of the girl. But, over time, Kay's loneliness and fantasy-fueled imagination cause her to desire physical contact. The lovemaking between the two contains serious elements of bdsm and erotica..


Bernadette was the first to speak after this show of affection, “Martha hasn’t stopped talking about you since I arrived in June. She’s quite smitten with you, you know.”

Kay blushed and breathlessly said, “She’s a doll. How can you help but love her?” She was hoping that throwing Martha into the role of being loved by all might deflect from the individual feelings between the two of them that Bernadette seemed to want to discuss. It was almost as if they were playing out a scene from the Knights of the Roundtable. Bernadette was King Arthur, Martha was Guinevere and Kay was Sir Lancelot. Arthur and Lancelot and everyone in the room knew that they both fancied Guinevere, yet they were being civil and deferential while in her presence. An intense rivalry was being couched by good manners.

The conversation continued by Bernadette, “You have seemed to work wonders with her soccer game. We always knew she was a good player. But you’ve turned her into a great player. Now she’s going to play in college.”

Kay responded, “She’s talked to me fondly about her summers here with you and Sara. I saw the portrait of her you painted a couple years ago. It really captures her beauty.” Now it had turned into a war of compliments.

Sara finally ended this lethal dance by saying, “One of the gooseberry pies is done. Come, let’s sample it.” Martha set the table with dessert plates and forks and napkins. Sara brought the pie over, sliced and served it to the group. It was still a little too hot to eat.

Kay started, “So have you been enjoying your time here this summer, Bernadette?”

“Oh, yes,” Bernadette responded. The McBride girls are my best friends in the world. I wish we could all live together all the time.”

Sara piped in, “Sometimes I wish that, too, Dear. But I’m afraid Bill would object and Martha might, too. She likes her freedom more and more every day. Pretty soon we won’t know where she went or with whom. And I suspect you’ll like it that way, won’t you, Martha?”

“Oh, yes, Mom,” Martha replied. “A girl likes to have her secrets. At least that’s what you and Bernadette always tell me.” The girl looked up at Kay to see if she could read what she was thinking. Kay was careful to be inscrutable.

“Mom, can I take Kay out to the studio to show her what you’re all working on after we eat our pie?” asked Martha.

“I have no objection. Do you, Bernadette?” requested Sara.

“No, not at all. There’s one picture I think you’ll particularly like, Kay,” Bernadette said with a Cheshire cat grin.

All the ladies finished their pie. Martha grabbed Kay’s hand and led her out to the barn. She never let go of her hand. Kay thought it was very sweet, and very disturbing.

“This one,” Martha said, pointing to an unfinished painting sitting on an easel, “is one Mom is working on. It’s the hill behind us—the one with the gooseberry bushes. It’s only about half done, though. It’s going to get better. And over here is one Bernadette is working on. As you can see, it’s of an old man sitting on a bench. Children are playing nearby and he’s glancing at them. And over here is one Bernadette finished quite some time ago.”

Kay walked over to the finished one, took one look at it, then quickly looked at Martha. The child was smiling from ear to ear. The picture was one of two girls reclining on a sofa. One was lying down on her back, with her legs slightly apart. The other girl was lying between the first girl’s legs, with her head resting on her thigh. Both girls were stark naked. The scene reflected peace and contentment, rather than passion and sexuality. The girl on her back looked strikingly like Martha and the other girl had to be Alice. The painting was titled, “Afterlove”.

“Did you and Alice pose for this painting?” asked Kay.



Kay is a 38 year-old housewife who’s never been in love… until offered a temporary position of girls’ soccer coach and meets one of the players. The girl’s unparalleled beauty and irresistible magnetism captivate Kay who tries to resist such strong lesbian feelings, but to no avail. Kay's loneliness and fantasy-fueled imagination cause her to begin a kinky physical and loving tryst with the girl.

eBook TAGS   Lesbian Lovers, Intimate Femdom Romance Novel, Young School Girl Unfulfilled & Lonely Marriage, Light BDSM Sex, Female Dominance & Submission, Gay Homosexual LGBT Relationships


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