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Mother Son Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  Man of the House

Series:  N/A

Author: Phaedrus T. Wolfe

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  32,139 Words

ISBN:  9781476118970

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3D Ebook Cover - Man of the House, by Phaedrus T. Wolfe

Man of the House


Kathy Taylor finished her shower then hurried from the bathroom to her bedroom, wearing nothing but a hastily draped towel, when she embarrassingly collided with her eighteen year old son Mike. "Oh, Mike, honey," she apologized despite the regret was her own, "sorry, I'm in such a hurry. Remember to lock the door when you leave, okay?"

"Sure, Mom. Don't worry," Mike replied as she awkwardly scooted past him and darted into her master bedroom.

Mike was ready to leave for a date on that warm Saturday evening in June, but he lingered outside his mother's half-open door, listening to her hum to herself as she dressed. Mother was so pretty and sexy, he thought. He just couldn't resist sneaking an illicit peek at her. Quietly he stuck his head around the door, stealing a quick look into her bedroom.

Kathy had her back to him and was just dropping her bath towel to the floor. Mike had never seen his mother naked before, and his grew round as he studied her tall sleek body, tiny waist, and perfectly-shaped little ass. Her long blond hair was still wet from the shower, and she began to comb it out, still humming to herself. Mike felt his cock starting to stiffen.

"Damn," he muttered under his breath.

He couldn't very well show up for his date with a hard-on, yet he ached to go on looking at his beautiful mother. She had such a fantastic body, slender yet with generous melon-shaped bosoms. Mike hoped she'd turn around so he could see her naked breasts. On the other hand, if she turned, she'd catch him. He'd better find a much safer way to spy on Mother.

As quietly as he could, he inched the door closed, then dropped to his knees and peered through the keyhole. This was more like it. Now Mother would have no idea he was snooping on her. And just as he managed to settle into his spying post position, she turned. His cock grew stiff as a pole as he ogled Mother's fantastically big breasts and little blond bush.

Kathy strode across the room, unaware she possessed an audience. She opened a dresser drawer and carefully started sorting through her collection of bras and panties, looking for the sexiest combination she could find. Her husband Bob, a long-haul trucker, was due home that evening after almost a solid month on the road, and Kathy wanted to give him a welcome he'd never forget. It made her horny just to think about seeing Bob again, and she felt the Vee between her legs start to heat and moisten.

She reminded herself that it might be a few hours yet before her husband arrived, so she'd better not get too worked up now. Of course, she could masturbate, but she didn't really want to do that. She played with herself so much when Bob was away. Tonight she wanted to save herself for the real thing—her husband's huge rock-hard cock. She could hardly wait to take it into her ravenous pussy.

"Mmmmm, Bob, hurry," she murmured to herself, not expecting to be overheard.

She selected a particular white lace bra and nice bikini panty set, but she didn't hasten to put them on. Instead she stood before the big dresser mirror and critically studied her body. Was it as good as when she and Bob first married so many years ago? At best that was hard to say, but in any case it was still damned good. It was sleek and firm and slender, and her large pointed breasts still held no sign of sagging.



Mike's workaholic father often leaves his wife and son alone, so when Mom really needs to get laid, who better than Mike? The most exciting and satisfying experiences in life are guilty pleasures... the things you shouldn't do but can't resist. Who wins in struggles between father and son to be mom's Man Of The House? Packed with riveting seduction and heart-stopping incest from beginning to end!

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Mom Son Sex, Family Exotica, MILF Mommy Incest


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