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Father Daughter Incest & Romance

Title:  Mamma's Boy

Series:  N/A

Author: Angel Scott, Larry Scott

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  20,107 Words

ISBN:  LC1000091

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3D Ebook Cover - Mamma's Boy - by Angel Scott, Larry Scott

Mamma's Boy


In a rather bad way I discovered my wondering mind kept returning to the fantasizes of all my private thoughts that involved my son. I daydreamed and imagined him during the night, doing to me what I’d love to do with him, if only he weren’t my son. But god forbid the unspeakable things Kyle and I had so vaguely covered and talked about like two consenting adults contrary to beliefs. As my thoughts returned to those many times I felt Kyle may have been getting turned on and coming on to me a bit too strong and what did I do before he got too worked up? I discouraged him and overlooked the very possibility he really wanted to fuck his mamma in the worst way.

With each opportunity as it arose I skirted around the whole truth of how I really felt about my total commitment to having sex with Kyle. So in reality to his direct questions yes sometimes, I found I had to tell him lies and in all honesty I felt so deceitful knowing the truth hurts as much as lies. But really what other choice did I have with no other alternative or course of action that was considered acceptable by standards set by law. Not to mention morals that raised or lower according to whose beliefs that differed between right and wrong, so how does one decide and justify their actions, or just lay everything aside and let nature take its course. There were just no two ways around my sad and lonely condition and what I wanted would not come from me, which meant the first move must be made by Kyle in a positive way with no doubt in his mind what he wanted

That day I hoped for in the back of my mind I never relied on it actually taking place or thinking it would ever arrive. That thought I held the furthest thing from my mind as I gathered my dirty laundry but not enough for a full load so I figured I’d add Kyle’s clothes to complete it. As I stood at his door and about to open it I realized Kyle was in his room and would be placed in an awkward position if I walked in. I thought about just walking away but I couldn’t as I listened to him moaning and groaning and calling out my name! ‘No way!’ I told myself, ‘it’s not me he’s picturing,’ as I peeked through the keyhole thinking he wasn’t alone. Sure enough he was all alone standing there stark naked in front of the mirror as I admired his fantastic body; every muscle in his tense body was bulging as he worked feverishly with his fist clenched around what must be at least nine inches in length. ‘Oh my god!’ I thought to myself, ‘what a beautiful humongous looking cock,’ in fact the largest one I’d ever encountered and I’d love to try and take it all just one time.



Kyle’s mother is prone to an adventurous sex life, one that includes kinky toys, hot porn movies, and promiscuous sex! Kept in the dark about his mother’s romantic exploits, Kyle’s in for quite the birthday surprise! With a sexy older woman like his mother, Kyle’s present is sure to be taboo. In this erotic tale of mother son incest, will Kyle discover he’s always been the perfect Mamma’s boy?

eBook TAGS   Mother Son Incest, Sexy Older Woman, Caught Masturbating, Secret Taboo Fantasy, Sex Toys, Barely Legal Boy, Family Group Romance


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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