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A Story of Rape, Forced Age Play and Golden Showers

Title:  Making Faith Wet Her Diaper

Series:  N/A

Author: ZondarTheBear

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  ZondarTheBear

Language: English

Length:  20,107 Words

ISBN:  LC3500002

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3D Ebook Cover - Making Faith Wet Her Diaper - by ZondarTheBear

Making Faith Wet Her Diaper


His pants were open, his trembling hands finally doing their job, and he yanked them down anxiously until they were tangled around his thighs. His body landed roughly on top of hers, his weight squishing her into the soft ground, driving the air from her lungs. He'd wanted to wait, to take her to her new home and rape her for the first time in her new bed, but he couldn't, he just couldn't. She was too beautiful, too perfect.

He reached between their bodies with one hand, grasped his aching cock, and aimed its hard length at her virgin opening. The fingers of his other hand curled into her hair, pulling just enough to tilt her panicked head back.

She was completely dry as he pressed into her hole; but it didn’t matter. His fingers played with her velvety soft lips, spreading them wide for his cock.More pre-cum spilled from the tip, coating his fingers and her untouched opening. He rubbed it into her skin, making it slippery for his entry. His hips came down and his head slipped into her cunt. She jerked and screamed into the tape that kept her lips closed. He felt her hymen resist, he felt it stretch, then he felt it tear. His cockhead tore into her pussy and she screamed again. Her agony was wonderful in his ears and he pressed harder into her body. His cock ripped the rest of the way through her virginity, forcing her innocent lips to spread wide around its thrusting length, and drove into her spasming pussy.

She was so incredibly tight around his advancing manhood. The feeling of her pussy stretching around his driving meat almost sent him into a spasm of ecstasy. He pulled back and pushed in again, coating his shaft with her virgin blood. He began to slip and slide, pushing himself in and pulling out, more and more of him sank into her aching cunt until his balls finally came to a gentle rest against her plump asscheeks.

He stopped then, his body pressing hers to the ground as her pussy clamped down on his shaft, squeezing it over and over in a vain attempt to expel him from its virgin depths. He grunted, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Her cunt was so very warm as it nearly vibrated around his length, the blood of her violation spilling in tiny drops that coated his ball sack.

His hand came up and yanked her shirt open, exposing her bra to the world. He wondered if it was a match to her panties, if it was another lacy red number that would do nothing to hide her hard nipples. In the dark, there was no way to tell, but he’d find out soon enough.

He found her cups and jerked at them, one at a time, until her breasts was free in the cool night air. She jumped again, her screams flowing from her nose as she fought to push his weight off of her body, to force his cock from her bleeding cunt.



Poor, innocent Faith thought that she was safe as she walked in the woods that night, her little skirt swishing around her plump, soft thighs, her blouse squeezing her

untouched breasts like an intimate lover. She moved through the darkness, making her way from the brightly lit college library to the safety of her dorm room. She would

not make it.

eBook TAGS   Sexual Violation & Disgrace, Forced Molestation & Abuse, Aggravated Rape, Bondage & Discipline BDSM, Pee & Urination, Humiliating Piss Play, Debased Watersports, Invasive Golden Showers


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