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Brother Sister Incest Romance Novels

Title:  Lust

Series:  Volume One

Author: Baron LeSade

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Baron LeSade at Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  55,000 Words

ISBN:  LC1000077

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3D Ebook Cover - Lust - Volume One - by Baron LeSade



And they had never had to share the same bed.

Looking into the mirror, she saw that she was blushing.

What was happening to her, she asked herself, taking another drink of wine? She knew that she didn’t have a choice about sharing a bed with him. She also knew that it shouldn’t bother her, but she couldn’t help feeling a teeny-weeny bit self-conscious about sleeping with her son.


It sounded so obscene. So sinister. Sleeping with her son. Why? That was exactly what they would be doing. Sleeping and nothing else.

How could you even be thinking such horrid things, she admonished herself as she ran the towel over her body.

Then she saw that her hands were shaking as folded the towel and laid it down on the counter.

What the fuck was wrong with her?

Thank goodness, I brought my flannel gown. It is so thick and concealing, she thought as she let it slide down her body covering her feminine curves from view. She was proud of her body and tried hard to keep her looks. But showing it off to her thirteen-year-old son was verboten. And the flannel gown took care of that. Thank goodness.

Glancing down she saw that while her gown hid some of her feminine curves, it didn’t hide the obvious swell of her imposing breasts as they conspicuously jutted out against the flannel cloth. Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw that every time she moved, her breasts freely jiggled and shook. Or was it just her fevered imagination? Should she put her brassiere back on? Hell, no, she wasn’t putting that fucking brassiere back on. Not now.

Danny would just have to get used to the fact that his mother had breasts, she told herself as she angrily brushed her hair. She wasn’t going to force herself to wear a tight confining brassiere to bed, she swore as she watched her big breasts dance and gambol about underneath the material of her gown.

Suddenly, she felt a chill run down her spine. What was causing her to think this way? It was almost as if she was being taken over by some evil, menacing presence. Unexpectedly, she felt her nipples harden as they rubbed against the soft flannel of her nightgown.

This is silly, she told herself. This wasn’t some fucking horror movie. This was just her and her son being caught in a storm and having to share a room. That was all and that was all she was going to let it be. Shivering for some unknown reason, she hurriedly grabbed up her dirty clothes and quickly opened the door.

Stepping out into the room, she felt a rush of relief as she saw that he was standing by the television watching it.

See, she told herself, nothing is going on. He is just standing there watching television. There wasn’t any depraved evil lurking in the room.

“Hi,” Danny said, turning and looking over at her.

“Hi,” she smiled back at him, still unable to shake the weird feeling.

“Uh, are you okay?” he asked her...

“Uh, just how long have you been standing there watching me?” she asked, turning away from her son and re-buttoning her blouse...!


These are stories of a mom’s whose sexual drive has been denied proper outlets. Mom’s need more than material things; they also need physical love. These women whose quest for sexual fulfillment leads them down a shadowy path—to what? The die has been cast, and when the frustrated and lonely mom sees the outlet she needs for her pent-up sexuality, she grabs it. The fact that this outlet is her own son makes her story all the more shocking.

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Taboo Sex, Forbidden Family Exotica


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