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Dark Biker Erotica

Title:  Lust for the Open Road

Series:  N/A

Author: Nicola Nichols

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Nicola Nichols at Lotís Cave

Language: English

Length:  34,356 Words

ISBN:  LC3600001

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3D Ebook Cover - Lust - Lust for the Open Road - by Nicola Nichols

Lust for the Open Road


I'd been working the dinner shift at the diner at the truck stop for about a monthóever since Barney got sent up to prison for that stupid robbery that went bad. Before the trial I'd had a nice job as a bank teller, but I took too much time off to see Barney and to go to the trial so he'd see I was there. I'd worked at the bank for three years and been liked, so they were nice enough, and given me decent severance pay. Not enough to catch up on the bills though.

Wives of guys who are doing life for murder don't go to the top of most recruitment lists, so I was glad to get the job in the diner. Being at a truck stop it stayed busy, which made the time pass. The evening shift, the dinner hour and beyond had the best tips. Usually the girls with the most seniority get the choice of shifts, but I gave the manager a blow job in the office and that tipped things in my favor. So there I was. The pay sucked, but some nights the tips were good and sometimes the clients would pass along a joint as well. When a trucker told me he had better stuff back in his truck, if I was in the mood and found the guy hot,Iíd meet him at the end of my shift. Of course, getting stoned wasnít usually the main thing the guy had in mind, and I was counting on that too. Barney and I were still married and all, but a girl gets horny when her old man is in prison and he wouldnít be out for a long time.

I like a lot of the truckers, but my passion is bikers. They are the ones that get my juices flowing. Before Barney had to sell it to pay lawyers he'd had a bad-assed motorcycle. He had it when I met him and maybe I think I loved that thing more than I did Barney. We'd ride it down open roads at night, the wind caressing us and that lovely hog vibrating between our legs. I'd have my arms around him. If we were in the mood, which was often, Iíd unzip his pants and play with his cock while he rode. Sooner or later he'd get too excited to steer straight, pull off somewhere, and fuck me silly. I didn't care where. With my body vibrating from that big engine and his cock ramming into me, I came hard.

So yeah, I missed those days, but Barney wasn't getting out until the climate was done changing, as best I could figure. And he didnít have the bike any more. So I was definitely pursuing my options.

He told Donna to get naked then Moose had me plant my feet on the floor while Donna lay down between them and brought her face to my pussy...!


Trudy loves being on the back of a big motorcycle holding tight to a biker. That life isnít easy or even sane, but itís better than waiting tables in a truck stop hoping to make ends meet and banging long-haul truckers. When she hooks up with a new guy the sex is hot, unprotected, and rough and power struggles find some girls forced to turn tricks. Itís a dangerous, hot time.

eBook TAGS    Dark Erotica, Non-Consent, Rape, Force, bikers, prostitution, double penetration, forced, public sex, group sex, oral sex


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