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Vampire & Paranormal Erotic Novels

Title:  Lucian's Seduction

Series:  Vampire Chronicles No.1

Author: Angel Brawn

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  11,730 Words

ISBN:  9781301286393

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3D Ebook Cover - Lucian's Seduction - Vampire Chronicles No.1 - by Angel Brawn

Lucian's Seduction


Butterflies erupted in Jalen's stomach at his lover's dark command, and he willingly let the vampire before him guide his mouth down over the thick length of his manhood. Moaning at the masculine and salty taste of Lucian's erection, Jalen let his vampire lover set the pace and focused solely on pleasing his man.

With his fist in Jalen's hair, Lucian began to guide him back and forth over his erection, watching his thick length disappear into the young boy's throat again and again. "I love watching you like this, Jalen. You're so beautiful sucking my cock. So beautiful. Just like that, suck me like that. I want to feel your throat massage my dick."

Opening his jaw as wide it would go, Jalen swallowed the entirety of Lucian's erection. Hands now firmly grasping his vampire's ass to pull him closer, Jalen began to hum, and had he been able he would have grinned at the response it elicited from his lover.

"Oh fuck! I've taught you well!" With both hands now firmly buried in the wet golden locks of the boy on his knees before him, Lucian groaned, "My little cock sucker, you like that, don't you? You love to serve me and please me, don't you?"

Pulling him back off his cock, Lucian stroked his thumb across the full lips of his young human, pleased when Jalen immediately tried to suck the digit into his lips as he demanded, "Don't you, my pretty boy? You love sucking my cock and drinking my cum."

Kissing Lucian's thumb, Jalen looked up at the magnificent vampire before him through the falling water of the shower, and assured, "Yes! Yes, Lucian! I love sucking your cock! I love pleasing you! I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy!"

"Good boy," Lucian replied before guiding Jalen back to his heavy erection and commanding, "Deep throat me again and play with my balls. I want to cum once before I fuck you."



The ancient vampire Lucian, a former Roman gladiator with psychic ability, has lived three millennia and has immeasurable riches, dark looks, swoon-worthy body—but his life is missing the companion he craves. He's searched a long time for a child lover, someone strong and faithful, a boy to guide and love as they walk the night together for centuries to come, and discovers a golden haired 18 year old who moves with dancer's grace. He is struck by his lithe body and begins to watch him from afar.

eBook TAGS    Vampire Erotica, M/m Sex, Young Male, Supernatural Lover, Gay Vampire, Paranormal Romance Novel


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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