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Family Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  Love Always Prevails

Series:  Book I

Author: Allison Heather

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Allison Heather at Lot's Cave

Language: English

Length:  43,034 Words

ISBN:  LC4001

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3D Ebook Cover - Love Always Prevails, Book I - by Allison Heather

Love Always Prevails, Book I


Tim and Zach kissed the soapy back of their sister without a care about the taste of soap. The sweet taste of their sister's skin was the reward.

Allie moaned as one of the twins' lips kissed her ass cheeks. She felt two hands gently spread her voluptuous ass cheeks and before her churning mind could register what was about to happen she felt her brother's hot lips kiss the pink tight ring of her anus.

Allie convulsed as if electrocute. Allie whispered, "No, please no."

Mike kissed his sister with insistence to suggest that it was fine.

* * * *

Tim's one hand reluctantly left his mother's breast and found the entrance of his mother's soft cunt and his fingers plunged deep inside and his thumb rubbed her clitoris.

Kim was now moaning loudly as her twin sons' stoked familiar fire. They both knew everything their mother inside out over the last five years of lovemaking. It only took five minutes and Kim moaned as if in pain as her first orgasm hit her.

Tim and Zach gave their mother few moments as she struggled with her climax.



Story of intense love and incest in a close tight family. Allie and her three brothers start the sexual tryst that explodes the family sexual mores.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Grandfather Granddaughter Incest, Grandmother Grandson Incest, Brother Sister Sex, Sibling Sex, IR, mmmf / mf, Family Exotica


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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