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Family Romance & Incest Novels

Title:  Daddy's Girl

Series:  Lauren's Desires No.2

Author: Allison Heather

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  17,113 Words

ISBN:  LC4007

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3D Ebook Cover - Daddy's Aroused - Laurenís Desires No.2 - Allison Heather

Daddy's Aroused


"Poor Daddy," Lauren said on the sidewalk outside the shop as she put her sunglasses back on. "I could see she turned you on ever so much."

She smiled at him. "But I think from the way she kept touching my breasts when she was helping try things on that she was more interested in girls..."

"Ah well, my loss," said David. "Though I have to admit to having the lovely sexy fantasy of how it would feel to hold onto such huge breasts while I was fucking her in the ass."

"Wait here a moment," Lauren said, and she walked back into the shop.

"Lauren, wait!" David cried, but she was gone.

Two or three minutes later she reappeared, smiling happily.

"She closes up at six and she'll be at the hotel at eight. Okay?"

David's mouth dropped open in amazement. "Incredible! How did you manage that?"

"Women are very direct with each other. I just asked her if she'd be interested and she said yes."

She started to walk towards a bar on the opposite side of the road.

"And that's it?" David said, unable to believe his luck.

"Oh no," Lauren said over her shoulder. "I was right. She swings both ways and I told her she could have me as well. And I asked her how much she makes in a month and trebled it."

* * * *

Time and again David rammed his massive penis in and then waggled his hips around against Miriam's stretched, naked buttocks, feeling the heat of the friction between them. Miriam did the same to Lauren, ramming the dildo in and riding the rhythmic tide of movement she created in the young girl. Caught up in the orgy of slurping, sucking sounds, the moans and groans and sighs of pleasure, the thick heavy smell of come, bowel content aroma and dripping sex-juice which filled the room, David took hold of Miriam's hips, drew back and rammed into her with shattering force.



In this second book of the Lauren's Desires Trilogy, a chance encounter makes Lauren disclose her desire for her hugely endowed father. Lauren shares her father's sexual appetite for anal sex. This opens up reams of tempestuous sex spanning across all human kinks and sexual proclivities. Strong adult content. Repeated incestuous sex. Strong sexual fetishes. If you enjoy milder erotica please use caution.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Mother Daughter Incest, Brother Sister Sex, Orgy, IR, Anal Sex, Fisting, Golden Showers, Scat, Pregnancy, Lauren's Desires


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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