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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Laura’s Pleasure

Series:  Laura's Story No.3

Author: Allison Heather

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  15,363 words

ISBN:  9781301621231

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3D Ebook Cover - Laura’s Pleasure - Laura's Story No.3 - Allison Heather

Laura’s Pleasure


Grandpa flung me on the bed, no sooner we were in his bedroom suite. I giggled but grandpa roughly pulled me to the edge of the bed. Soon he had me in knee elbow position. I was giggling and sobbing with anticipation when I heard grandpa’s deep baritone, “Lors, you have been naughty and naughty girls are punished.”

I giggled and said with ebullience, “Grandpa, I have been naughty. Please punish me.” I was getting into the game grandpa was playing. I was hoping grandpa meant putting his monster inside me would be the punishment.

I heard a loud noise of a slap and my soft bottom stung as set on fire. Grandpa’s strong arms had fallen from its full length and spanked hard on my ass. I screamed in genuine pain, “GRAANDPAA. NOOOO. EET HUUURTS.”

Grandpa’s arm rose and fell again with a loud sound that resonated inside the room, my scream filled the room soon after. The pain on my soft bottom was excruciating. I felt hot tears filling my eyes. I remembered Chari telling me that grandpa would make his daughter, aunt Tracy cry and sob many nights. I was learning why.

I was bucking but grandpa held me effortlessly. His huge palm landed on my ass repeatedly making me scream. My eyes ran, the pain was blinding and my screams were getting louder with each resounding smack.

I felt despite the pain a strange sensation as grandpa once again spanked my bottom with his full might, “Lors, would you hold still and take your punishment like a good girl?”

I was sobbing uncontrollably and was unable to talk. I nodded vigorously promising grandpa not to move. Grandpa freed his other hand and soon roughly pushed his thick finger inside my pussy, surprisingly filled with my sex juices. I screamed as grandpa resumed furious spanking he was giving me. His other finger with equal roughness invaded my dry anus further enhancing the pain. I even though was crying but strangely waited for the next smack.

Grandpa did not let me wait too long and soon his hand had covered each inch of my plump soft ass and moved over my lower back and back of thighs. My skin burnt. My tears had drenched my face. I was sniffling to hold back my tears from running into my nose.



Laura has achieved her long lasting desire of mating with her father and lost her both virginities to his giant manhood. Her father gives her a gift-his father. Laura learns yet more about sexual pleasure with her grandfather. The pleasure is now limitless. Grandfather's friends open new doors for both Laura and her sister Chari. Soon aunt Tracy and uncle Jake arrive.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Brother Sister Sex, Mother Daughter Lesbian, Grandfather Granddaughter Sex, Watersports, fisting, Interracial


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