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Family Romances & Incest Novels

Title:  Laura's Lust

Series:  N/A

Author: Houston Cei

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  28,919 words

ISBN:  9781310992513

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3D Ebook Cover - Laura's Lust - by Houston Cei

Laura's Lust


The Fitzgerald family was their neighbors’ concept of “the family next door” and for all practical purposes they were just that, except for one detail: Blake’s wife Janet had difficulty giving birth to their daughter Laura; she hemorrhaged, went into a coma and had a caesarian and after she awoke from the coma she had a tremendous fear of her husband’s penis. This continued throughout the years leaving them with only masturbation as a sexual outlet. Janet could not even stroke her husband’s cock. Even with this problem facing them, they always treated Laura with love.

They raised their daughter Laura to be a very fine and well-mannered young woman and when she was eighteen and ready to graduate from high school, the parents were ready to try a plan. Mom agreed to let Dad seduce his daughter the next day after graduation so as he could finally get some genuine sexual satisfaction. The seduction went as planned and their virgin daughter was thrilled with her first sexual experience.

In a short time the father/daughter romance began to be therapeutic for Janet. She would get excited at the very thought of her husband having sex with her daughter and eventually joined them. She was finally cured.

After two years of community college, Laura gets her upper division education at the state college and lives 50 miles from home in a dorm where she becomes acquainted with some graduate students who introduce her to cocaine. Her roommate Sandy is only a recreational user of the drug but Laura becomes a heavy user. Laura is a good, honest person but for a while the drug gets the best of her and she becomes what is known in California as a “coke whore.” In addition to giving up her shapely body in exchange for coke she also gets involved in group sex.

In spite of her dependency, she is able to hold down a good job with the county. She continues to have her sexual relationship with mom and dad and also a girl to girl romance with her roommate Sandy. Laura’s promiscuity eventually leads to become pregnant. How does that work out? The reader will find out in the exciting story of Laura’s Lust.



Through her teen years and final year in high school the beautiful Laura was known as the girl who just would not “give it up.” After graduation, that would change. She was like the proverbial champagne bottled under pressure, once the cork was popped it hit the ceiling, and the 18 year old virgin began her life of lust. The lucky man to pop this cherry was her old dad.

eBook TAGS    Family Incest, Father Daughter Sex, Mother Daughter Romance, Lesbian Seduction, Family Exotica


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Relative Taboo

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