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Family Romances & Incest Novels

Title:  Laura's Lust 2

Series:  N/A

Author: Houston Cei

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  20,147 words

ISBN:  9781310142260

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3D Ebook Cover - Laura's Lust 2 - by Houston Cei

Laura's Lust 2


The story opens with Laura as a single mother of her five year old son J.R. She is doing very well on her job with the county and has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in her spare time.  She still has a sexual relationship with her former college roommate Sandy who is also the girlfriend of Roy who was the graduate student they met while they were roommates at college.

Sandy and Roy have just returned from an exciting vacation in Jamaica, and Laura gives them a warm welcoming home at her apartment with wine, dinner, Cognac and a ménage a tois under the moonlight.  

Laura will later share with Sandy the secret of her sex life with her parents, and if that were not shock enough, she invites Sandy and Roy to join them in this wild sexual adventure.  Certainly, Sandy and Roy are excited to try something new.

Sandy and Roy finally get married after going together for over ten years, and this sexually liberal couple invites Laura’s parents on their honeymoon in Jamaica where in addition to all the sites and activities in that island paradise, they experience some god old fashioned wife-swapping. Yes, on their honeymoon!

The story continues with the development of Laura’s son J.R. as a young man.  She has done a fine job of raising him as a gentleman.  He is very athletic and has a passion for body building for which he apparently is genetically predisposed.  His mother supports his enthusiasm for weight lifting and even participates as a masseuse.  With her hands roaming all over his beautiful body after a workout, it was inevitable that lustful Laura would want to love him more than just as a mother.



Super sex bomb Laura is back in action!  The first story ended with her giving birth to a baby boy, and now in Laura’s Lust 2 her amorous life with her immediate family and her best friends continues.  This sequel offers a sensual drama with intrigue a few surprises in her journey through life as a single mother.  Laura raises her son J.R. to become a fine gentleman.  He also develops into a handsome young man and a rather sexy one as she will find out.

eBook TAGS    Family Incest, Father Daughter Sex, Mother Daughter Romance, Lesbian Seduction, Family Exotica


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Relative Taboo

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