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Brother Sister Incest Novels

Title:  Last Time

Series:  N/A

Author: Samantha Thorn

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  9,908 words

ISBN:  9781476178943

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Last Time, by Samantha Thorn

Last Time


Turning to face his sister, cupping her face gently in his hands, Tommy soothed, "Sarah, baby girl, you know you don't mean that."

"I do, Tommy, I do. You're my brother, this is wrong."

"I am your brother, which is why I know there isn't anything wrong with this."

Looking up at her brother in shock, Sarah asked, "How can you say that?! There is nothing but wrong in this! You're my brother!"

"And who better to hook up with? Huh? I've stopped having sex with groupies to make sure I don't expose you to anything, and you know I'm never going to hurt you."

Seeing Sarah's expression waver, Tommy pressed his advantage. "Baby girl, you told me yourself that you can't afford to get involved with some guy right now. If your GPA drops you'll lose your scholarship, so you don't have time for a steady boyfriend, but you like sex, and frankly if you go more than a few days you get bitchy. We already live together, and you're on the pill. No one but us knows what we're doing, and we're not hurting anyone. Why not keep having a good time together?"

"Because it's wrong, Tommy." Sarah knew her argument was weak, and in the face of Tommy's argument, it was getting weaker.

Tommy smirked as he moved to wrap an arm around Sarah's waist and pull her against his chest. Smoothing his other hand down her side to slip it between her legs so he could cup her sex through her shorts, he asked, "Wrong? Does it feel wrong when I touch you like this?"

When Sarah's breath hitched and her eyes dilated, he continued, "When I'm on top of you in bed, when I'm between your thighs, when my cock is spreading open your pussy, fucking you so hard you scream my name, does it feel wrong?"

His hand pressed harder against her slit, rubbing against her, despite the thick denim of her shorts. "Tell me, Baby girl, tell me it feels wrong when I cum deep inside you. Tell me it feels wrong when I bend you over the kitchen table and fuck you hard and fast before school. Tell me it feels wrong when I push you back on the couch and suck your juicy cunt, flicking your clit with my tongue, making you so wild you damn near pull my hair out. Tell me it feels wrong when I pull you into the shower, hoist you up, and fuck you against the wall, the water pounding down on us as I make my dirty girl all nice and clean."

Whatever fight she'd had flew right out the window. Tommy's words, the memories he was calling forth, demolished any resistance she had. "Oh fuck, Tommy, now! I need you now!"

He knew she did. He could feel her shorts getting damp with her arousal, but he'd had to work to convince her, so he felt he was owed a bit of begging. "What do you need, Sarah? What do you need from your big bro?"

Sarah pressed closer to him, moving her hands up to pull his face down to hers. Nibbling at his lips, Sarah pleaded, "You know what I need, Tommy. Take me to bed."

"Say it, Sarah. I want the words."

She knew he'd hold out longer than she would. Glaring up at him she hissed, "I want you to take me into the bedroom and fuck my brains out! I want you to make me come all over your thick cock until I can't move a muscle even if the apartment was on fire!"

"There's my good girl!"



Tommy lusts after his baby sis. "I'm your brother, which is why I know there isn't anything wrong with this," he desperately persuades, listing many excellent reasons.  Looking at her brother in shock, Sarah asks, "How can you say that?!" Sarah fights against her taboo love in every way imaginable—and fails in every way possible. This exciting book ignites the most forbidden of sexual desires.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Sibling Sex, Family Exotica, Anal & Oral Sex, Dominance & Submission


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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