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Brother Sister Incest & Romance Novels

Title:  Knight Rescue

Series:  GatorTail Trailer Park No.5

Author:  Bo Dunne

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  6,844 Words

ISBN:  LC1000074

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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Knight Rescue - GatorTail Trailer Park No.5 - Bo Dunne

Knight Rescue


Connor watched as she ran her hands through her curls once and then grabbed his hips in both hands. He felt her mouth on his cock, warm with her tongue flicking and sliding around the head of his cock.

She wasn’t sliding her lips up and down his shaft, but just holding the entire thing in her mouth. Keeping her mouth tight around it made her cheeks go hollow.

When her lips clamped down on the narrow base of his cock ever more, ripples of ecstasy shot through him. Her tongue flicked the underside of his cock again and his entire organ tickled with sweet fire.

He grabbed her ears with each hand, keeping her head in one place, and then pulled out his cock slightly. Then he slipped it back into her mouth, hoping to create a sliding motion. He loved that feeling of fucking her mouth, but his cock was so small that it fell out every time. Finally he gave up trying to slide in and out and pushed it back into her mouth all the way.

Apparently she figured out for herself that moving her lips up and down the little shaft wouldn’t work. She kept his entire limited length in her mouth and kept working her tongue around it and underneath, sucking all the while.

He knew the explosion was coming. Zinging pleasure waves sent his heart pounding ignited his cock with a pumping fire. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around her head to keep her in place. As his mind went blank with intense, burning pleasure, he shot loads of cum into her mouth. She swallowed repeatedly.

Finally, when his balls were empty, he released her head and she drew her mouth off his collapsing cock.

“Your little cock is my little cock,” she said lightly.



Mattie, a sexy middle-aged barmaid, must let her ugly but well-endowed boss fuck her whenever he wants. She doesn’t dare lose her job. When her son Conner comes home for a visit from college, he’s outraged to learn what’s happening to mom and schemes up a plan to take some of the pressure off her. Can he seduce his mother without her knowing he’s behind the improvements at her job?

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, MILF, Small Dick Humiliation, Dubious Consent Dub-con, Trailer Park Trash, Oedipal Love, Electral Romance, Interbreeding


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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