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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  KINK: Daddy Daughter Fetish

Series:  N/A

Author: Jenna Monroe

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Jenna Monroe

Language: English

Length:  9,174 Words

ISBN:  LC1100248

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3D Ebook Cover - KINK: Daddy Daughter Fetish - by Jenna Monroe

KINK: Daddy Daughter Fetish


He touches my leg just above my ankle with only his middle finger and runs that finger slowly up my leg over my knee. Thereís just a bit of roughness to his finger and I canít breathe as the sensation overwhelms me. Iíve never felt anything like this. He stops at the edge of my skirt and looks in my eyes.

ďSpread your legs for daddy.Ē He says softly and Iím sure Iíve never been so turned on. I quickly uncross my legs and spread them as far as I can on the chair. His hand slides up my leg, under the hem of my skirt. Very slowly his fingers slide along my inner thigh. I feel his middle finger push my panties to the side and then that finger slides in between my folds. Iím embarrassed by how wet I am. But his finger moves in circles rubbing against my swollen clit. I feel his finger slip down to my opening but he canít penetrate because the chair is in the way. Automatically I lean back and slide my ass forward to give him access. I want to feel his fingers slide deep and he doesnít disappoint me. His long finger slides in slowly, turning and touching as if heís exploring a cave. I canít remember the last time someone fingered me. It must have been before I lost my virginity, because after that sex became all about the guy sticking his dick in as fast as possible. It feels really good, a lot better than I remember.

Iím not sure what heís looking for on his exploration until he finds it. Iím not even sure what it is I just know that when he touches it, it sends sensation pulsing through my pussy. My breath caught on the first stroke and that must have been what he was waiting for because he altered his technique, his middle finger stroked against the sensitive spot while his thumb stroked over my clit. It feels so good I canít even breathe. My orgasm is fast approaching. I grab Mikeís forearm and hold on tight, not because I want him to stop but because Iím afraid he will. I can feel his muscles and tendons move as he works me over and itís hot. My knees shake when I come and my breath escapes in a stuttered half moan half gasp.

ďWow magic fingers,Ē I whisper because Iím not sure what else to say. Slowly he withdraws his hand which is completely coated with my cream. He lifts his hand and runs his middle finger over my lower lip. Iím not sure if he wants me to lick it off or suck his finger but then he leans in and licks it off himself. His tongue slips right into my mouth. Heís a hell of a kisser he strokes my tongue with his and I am ready for him to stroke something else into me. I clutch his strong shoulders to pull him closer but he pulls back instead. He reached under my skirt with both hands this time and grasped the sides of my panties. I can feel how wet they are as they slide down my thighs.

ďFirst rule, no panties inside the house.Ē He slides the red lace bikini underwear all the way off my feet and starts to put them in his pocket but Iím watching him and he catches my eye and stops. Without looking away he unsnaps his jeans.



After she catches her live-in boyfriend and boss cheating, Jen is out of a job and a place to live. With no other options, she has to ask her stepfather. He reluctantly agrees but he has some conditions.

eBook TAGS   Daddy Daughter Role Play, Step-Father Daughter Sex, Panties, Spanking, Virgin Incest Roleplay, BlowJob, Bareback, Fingering


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