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Mother Son Mind Control Incest Erotica

Title:  It's Mind Control, Mommy!

Series:  Supernatural Taboo No.7

Author: Veronica Sloan

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Veronica Sloan at Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  19,360 Words

ISBN:  LC3400003

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3D Ebook Cover - It's Mind Control, Mommy! - Supernatural Taboo No.7 - by Veronica Sloan

It's Mind Control, Mommy!


What if she knew? What if my mother knew how badly I needed to cum? She was my mother. Would she help me? Would she see how stiff and red my prick was, take pity on me? Suck my dick? There was a thought. My mother, on her knees, ruining her pantyhose, sucking my cock at the kitchen table.

In my boxers, my penis throbbed and the whole world flashed white. It was like an earthquake, except it shook the air not the ground. The kitchen warped like the heat lines on a scorching day. I felt the heat emanate from me in a bubble. It made the kitchen table and counter and cabinets and refrigerator dance for a moment as the wave passed over them, and as it crashed over my mother, she reeled. She grabbed the counter to keep from falling over. "What?" she gasped.

The kitchen furniture fixed back into their regular shapes as the bubble spread out, but it wasn't done with my mother. She clutched the counter and fought desperately to catch her breath. "T-tristan, what-? Did you feel that?"

"Yes," I groaned. In my pants, my erection had only grown harder. Now it throbbed with a dangerous heat.

My mother looked at me, her hand pressed to her breasts. "What's wrong with you?" she said. "You look feverish."

Every muscle below my waist clenched. There was no going back now. "Mom," I said slowly, "I need you to suck my dick."

Her hazel eyes went wide. "What did you say?"

"Mom," I said, my voice ragged, "my dick is so hard. And I need suck it."

"Tristan..." Her maternal objection began upon but could not leave her pouting lips. I watched her inner struggle, her confusion. Whatever I had done, whatever that bubble was, it had stripped her of her resistance.

Like a man in a dream, I turned away from the table and unbuckled my pants. I slid the belt through its loops, unzipped my pants, and slid them down to my ankles. Frozen to the stool, my mother watched with wide, disbelieving eyes. "Mom," I said, "look at it. Look how hard I am." It was so stiff that I had to bend forward to free it from my boxers. It was trapped at a terrible angle, and I groaned with relief when it finally popped through the slit.

My mother cried out in alarm. "Tristan! What the hell are you doing?"

"Suck it, mom," I said, all reason sacrificed to my boiling lust. "Suck it right now."

Her body obeyed, her eyes rebelled. Stiffly, she stood up from the counter and crossed to the kitchen table. The sound she made was a cross between frustration and fear. "Oh my God," she said, "how...what's happening?"

"Please, mom," I said, grasping myself by the base. "Just do it."

She had to obey me. Mom got down on her knees, she swept her hair over her shoulders, and she took my cock in her hand. "It's so hard, Tristan." She squeezed me, and I groaned aloud.

"That's it," I grunted. "Put it in your mouth."



Tristan is going out of his mind with lust. When he was young, his father told him of his family's secret legacy: That the men of his bloodline can arouse women by thought alone. Tristan's father rejected this power and forbade his son ever to use it, but now Tristan is 18 and too horny to be controlled. He's going to use his mind control to cuckold his father and seduce his bimbo mother!

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, bimbo mom, mind control, MILF, virgin son, mom creampie, son's first time, mom blowjob


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