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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Initiation

Series:  Complete Vol.1 and Vol.2

Author: Allison Heather

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  45,761 Words

ISBN:  9781370118021

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3D Ebook Cover - Initiation - Complete Vol.1 and Vol.2 - Allison Heather



My father Jon and Uncle Peter mauled their motherís enormous soft pregnant beasts. They drank the milk her breasts squirted. They realized the subtle ways that made roughness and pain become expression of unbridled love. They fucked grandma with ever increasing savagery. They bit on her ass cheeks, breasts and back. They mauled her breasts and she would have bruises for days. They pulled and twisted her nipples until she cried in genuine pain but that made her cum even harder.

My father could not wait for Uncle Peter to finish and he used her motherís beautiful face to fuck. He fucked her mouth making her gag and soon her eyes and nose started to run soiling her ethereally beautiful face. To my father her mother looked even more beautiful with her face covered with her tears, saliva and snot. My father exploded inside her motherís mouth without any warning. His cum spurted out of her nose as she gagged madly before succeeding in swallowing the rest. My young father feasted on the heavenly sight of his pregnant motherís unbelievably beautiful soiled face covered with her creamy snot, stringy spit and saliva and tears. He, with no hesitation bent down and licked the delicious mixture of his motherís body fluids lovingly as she moaned and screamed with orgasms her cunt exploding repeatedly around her younger son.

Father licked and sucked his motherís face clean. He pushed his tongue inside her beautiful nostrils to lick all the cum and snot filling them. He squeezed his motherís nose to make sure he got the last drop of cum and snot inside his motherís exquisitely beautiful nose before freeing her saliva soaked face. Fatherís tongue made grandmaís nose itchy and she sneezed twice and father quickly engulfed her nose in his mouth to ensure nothing of his motherís heavenly body fluid went to waste.

The boys had moved another step up in sexual training. My father was still greedy and hungry. Uncle Peter could not get enough of his pregnant motherís spasming, convulsing and exploding pussy that came repeatedly as her sons fucked her with almost savagery to match her brotherís. Father stared at the wide ample ass cheeks spread wide open. His brotherís large boy hands were gripped his motherís ass to help him fuck her harder and faster.

Father with no hesitation placed his huge cock at the tiny entrance of his motherís anal ring and pushed hard. Grandma screamed in pain as her relatively dry ass was forced open by older sonís massive cock. This was grandmaís first time to have two giant cocks invade her body. Three virile huge cocks of her family men would take her together many times in future.

Father and his brother fucked their mother together changing places making her cum repeatedly. They licked the shit splattered wide full creamy white ass of their mother as they moved from one hole to another. Father and uncle could not get enough of their motherís various body fluids. They intuitively sucked each otherís cocks to savor their motherís rectal juices thickly coating their marauding insatiable cocks.



This is delightful love filled story of traditional but radical Angleton family, a matriarchal family holding traditions and history for well over four hundred years. This story starts with the traditional initiation of the youngest offspring at landmark birthday into familyís liberated, responsible, and loving traditions so that children can carry on the long held tradition of this rich family into future. Ellie is the one to be initiated and the account will offer something for every reader whatever he or she is into. Then is the account of how the Angleton family came to be. The Beginning is the account of first matriarch Martha in seventeenth century.

eBook TAGS    Family Incest, Father Daughter Sex, Mother Son Sex, Grandfather Granddaughter Sex, Anal DP, Horse and Dog Bestiality, Watersports


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