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Family Incest Novels

Title:  Indian Family Love

Series:  N/A

Author: Vinod Nair

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  8,416 Words

ISBN:  9781310696985

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Special EuroMark Price:   $2.99

3D Ebook Cover - Indian Family Love, by Vinod Nair

Indian Family Love


"Enough fooling around Ma... it's time to enjoy the nice, long fuck both of us have been waiting for," Ajay said, moving into position between my legs as I doubled up my thighs to welcome him.

"Sweetheart... don't tease Mommy so much when you know she's wet and ready for you," I said, pouting at him as he rubbed his cockhead slowly over my cunt lips.

The naughty boy was doing it on purpose, knowing that his mother's beloved pussy drools a lot more for his cock this way!

My son then mounted me without further delay, sighing with pleasure as he buried every inch of his throbbing cock balls deep inside my very wet and receptive cunt. "Ahhh... uhh... um... meri Ma ka pyaara choot itna garam hai... itna rasila hai.... feels soooo guuudd!" Ajay exclaimed, supporting himself on his elbows as he began to fuck me slowly and lovingly.

We kissed hungrily, grunting and moaning joyfully as we settled down to savor some blissfully sweet mother-son fucking.

With my thighs doubled up to flatten my breasts and my big, full buttocks quivering with pleasure from each sensuous thrust of my son's huge prick, I am the happiest woman in the world. I am a mother who loves her son's sensuous fucking and never hesitates to let him know how much she enjoys it.

Ajay couldn't be happier. Knowing that his mother needs his tasty young cock to soothe and satisfy her hot, mature cunt certainly inspires my son to give me the most delicious fucking I've ever enjoyed!

"Ohhh... uhhh... aaaahh... ahh... mmm... Ma ka choot sub se pyaari hai... I feel soooo guddd inside you Ma... you're such a passionate woman," my son said, sighing with pleasure as we fucked with a steady, pleasurable rhythm.

The bedroom echoed with the sounds and smells of fucking as our grunts and moans mingled with the squelching sounds of Ajay's big cock sliding smoothly in and out of my soaking wet cunt. My son's big balls slapped against my wet asscheeks every time his cock pleasured my cunt with deep, delicious thrusts.

"Ajay beta... Mommy tumhara lund bahut chahati hai... fuck me good darling... mujhe barabar chodho... Mommy ko barabar chodho! Chodho... oohh... ooofh... uhhhrh… aaahh... aaahh, you make it so good for me... you horny bastard!" I cried out, moaning and cooing appreciatively to my son as he stuffed my hungry pussy with his long, thick penis over and over again.

Ajay has a whole range of fuck strokes and he uses them very well to give me maximum pleasure during our hot fuck sessions. Sometimes he slides his cock in and out of me slowly, rubbing it against my swollen clitoris to make me shudder in delight. This is usually followed by a flurry of fast, furious thrusting that makes me cry out in ecstasy.

The naughty boy also knows how to rotate his hips and churn my pussy till I am sobbing and whimpering incoherently in lustful joy.



Saga of Generational Incest in India by an Indian Author: Family sex is encouraged in many parts of India as common practice. Family marriage preserves cultural values and generational familial wealth. This novel tells how Seema Kapoor expresses love for her son and how family sex bonds family members together, evade risking disease and bypass emotional traumas affecting friends who avoid incest.

eBook TAGS    Incestuous Indian Family, Group Family Sex, Mother Son Incest, Father Daughter Incest, Vinod Nair, Taboo Sex Erotica, Family Exotica


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