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Family Incest Novels

Title:  Indian Family Heat

Series:  N/A

Author: Vinod Nair

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  10,689 Words

ISBN:  9781310965128

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3D Ebook Cover - Indian Family Heat - by Vinod Nair

Indian Family Heat


Although I could not see it, I sensed that she was holding her sonís hand under the table. When not saying something to me, mother and son often exchanged loving looks that hinted at the hot, incestuous passion that bonded them. The mother, Nirmala Ró, is an attractive traditional Indian woman in her late forties who looks much younger. I could not help wondering if this strange incest between them was like some kind of magical elixir; some mysterious fountain of youth.

When I complimented Nirmala Ró about this, she blushed happily and looked fondly at her son as she reached out to touch him. ďItís all thanks to my boy. When it started, Ravi was not shy about letting me know how he felt about me... and heís still the same. Even after two fantastic years. I still feel like a teenager in love for the first time,Ē she confessed, smiling and blushing again.

In fact, Ravi was unaware of the interested glances cast his way by other women at the coffee shop where we were meeting. He only had eyes for his ripe and sexy mother.

To anyone who may have been curious, he was just a virile and good-looking young man who had hooked up with an attractive older woman who clearly adored him. No one would have guessed otherwise.

You see, Iím a journalist, and it had taken me a long time to find close relatives who were genuinely honest people, and willing to talk in detail about their incestuous relationship. Of course this was upon the one condition that I never reveal their real names. I was happy to comply with their request, because I was only interested in presenting true stories of incest in the book I was writing.

I knew such a book would be controversial, But such a book is highly important in order to dispel the unreasonable fears and misconceptions many conservative people harbor about sexual intimacy within the family.

What Nirmala Ró and her son Ravi had to say only served to strengthen my belief that many close relatives would be far happier if they discarded outdated taboos and took the right precautions to enjoy sex within the family. Let Nirmala Ró tell you their story, keeping intact her own frank and often colorful language....



Ravi makes no secret about his desire for incestuous relationships. With a large extended family, Ravi often finds himself lost to the pleasures of forbiddingly kinky cultural taboos. Having eyes for his sexy and adventurous mother, Ravi soon loses himself in their sensually romantic relationship. In a culture where mother son sex is the norm, what boundaries will this family based couple explore?

eBook TAGS    Incestuous Indian Family, Mother Son Incest, Father Daughter Incest, Brother Sister Sex, Sex with Aunt, Cousin Marriage, Westermarck effect, Genetic Sexual Attraction


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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