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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Incest For Pay

Series:  N/A

Author: R. Richard

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  65,402 Words

ISBN:  LC1100212

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3D Ebook Cover - Incest For Pay - by R. Richard

Incest For Pay


Jade says, “I'll try to learn some more about Gwen, as a person when we do our little shopping expedition. It might just be useful to know exactly how Gwen thinks, what her background is, that sort of thing.”

I say, “Good idea! I'll try to learn some more about Gerry as well. However, I suspect that I won't make any really startling discoveries. Most of the guys I went to high school with would want pretty much what Gerry wants, if they had the economic power to make it happen. I suspect that Gerry is just a guy who graduated from high school, but never really left.”

Jade asks, “Is Gerry not too smart then?”

I say, “Gerry is quite intelligent. He knows a lot about people and how to manipulate them. He's not going to come out on the short end of any business deal because he got outsmarted. However, I don’t think he has much concern for ethics. I'm not going to try to outsmart Gerry.”

Jade says, “Probably just as well. I get the same reading that you do from Gerry. As long as he gets what he wants, we're probably safe. If we don’t play his game, we lose our jobs. Maybe I can get an in with Gwen, when we go shopping. I'll have to try and see.”

I say, “Jade, be very careful. If I had a couple of years of experience and a good record, we could just walk away from Gerry and I could get another good job. We can’t do that now if we hope to have any kind of a life.”

Jade says, “Jack, if I had a couple of years of experience, I could almost certainly get another job. A job where I wouldn’t have to screw to keep the job. You may be good at your work, but I'm good with people. Good with people gets you hired a lot faster than just talent.”

I say, “Since good with people, looks like a movie star and is also talented couldn’t keep you from being laid off, we have to be very careful here.”

Jade says, “Ooohh! I like what you just said.”

I say, “Then you like to hear that you are good with people and talented?”

Jade smirks at me and says, “That too.”

I spend the next week working very hard. I manage to land a new account at work and Gerry is very happy with me. However, Gerry isn't so happy with me that I can stop pimping my wife just yet.

Jade shops with Gwen. Jade also mines Gwen for information. It turns out that Gwen is a rich bitch. Gwen’s family has the money that let Gerry expand a small business operation into a very profitable niche player. Gwen was a wild child who was always in trouble and often just saved from jail or worse by her family. Gwen latched on to Gerry because he was a guy who could make the kind of money that she needs to live the life she wants. She's apparently not all that happy with Gerry and doesn’t really care so much for Gerry the person, but rather Gerry the businessman. Apparently Gwen initially kept herself under control, mainly because she didn’t want to lose Gerry the businessman. However, when Gerry decided to screw other ladies, Gwen could then screw other men and Gerry had no real defense.



Jack and Jade are outstanding students and they each get good jobs right after graduation. They buy a house and start the good life. Then they both get laid off, after a couple of months. Jack gets a good job, then finds out that to keep the job, he and Jade have to get into partner swapping. He can't another job again, so soon after his layoff, so he and Jade have to partner swap.

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