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Family Incest Orgy Novel

Title:  I is for Insatiable

Series:  Taboo Family Indulgence

Author: Surely Wilder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  69,149 Words

ISBN:  9781310435775

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3D Ebook Cover - I is for Insatiable - Taboo Family Indulgence - by Surely Wilder

I is for Insatiable


Oh my God... Oh my GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! And I do mean fucking. This has been the most fantastic... outrageous... spectacular... awesome Christmas EVER! You wanted to know what I think, and that’s it!

My bitch, hypocrite mom got her just deserts. I found out my brother is gay, well actually bi; so is my dad; I got my cherry popped; and I’m probably preggers now—which is way so cool—AND everyone knows that I’m bi and they’re okay with it. I have had so many fucking orgasms in the last couple of days that there’s no way for me to keep count. Daddy has fucked me so many times and pumped so much sperm into my fertile pussy there’s no way I won’t become pregnant this month since I’m not on the pill and he never used a condom. I’ve gotten to watch every single family member fuck their brains out and cum in so many different ways. Best of all, I’ve made them all cum too. So Cool.

You want my side of this story, I’ll tell you, but I can sum it up in just one paragraph. Samantha is awesome. Everything she’s done is awesome. She has opened my family’s eyes to so many wonderful things and now we are truly a loving family in every sense of the word. If she weren’t here now we would still be a loving family. If she disappeared, we would look for her until we found her and trust me, we’re a tenacious bunch. So, no one’s been hurt; no one’s pissed off; and we all know that the only way we get to keep doing this is to be super secretive about it. So step down and back the fuck off. Ok, probably not the best way to get this thing going, but you told us to be honest in our feelings so I’m trying.

Feelings are weird. I mean this whole thing has been a roller coaster of such intense highs and lows. Five days ago I didn’t know that Samantha existed, and today, I can’t really think about living one day without her. Of course, I hated my Mom then, but now? I understand what she was trying to do and I’ve forgiven her completely for all of it. So much has changed. I mean I had fantasized so much about how wonderful sex would be, but I had no idea it would be SSSOOO incredible. I always suspected that I was kind of a nymphomaniac; that part wasn’t surprising, but I had no idea that mom was too or that Daddy was such a sex freak. As for Matt, it has been so cool just to watch and help him come out of his shell. I think he was the one that was hurt most by Mom while we were growing up, but over the past five days, I’ve been able to help him heal the way he helped me when I was growing up. Not that he ever molested me, but me molesting him was part of his healing process. Wait, this is all coming out wrong and confused. Let me just tell you what happened, and you’ll see that it was all perfect and you’ll understand what a wonderful savior Samantha turned out to be.

It all started because Mom was a bitch to one of her Grad Students. I do mean mega bitch. See, Mom and Dad were going to get a divorce and they were going to tell my brother and me the news over Christmas break when they took us to Florida. The trip was just a cover for the bad news. “Hey kids we’re getting a divorce, let’s go jump in the ocean.” You know; that kind of thing. Well instead, the folks are staying together—hooray; and fucking each other again—gross but way cool—because the grad student is this evil genius and she came up with a really fucked up plan that would get even with diabolically deranged mom.

You see, mom stole her thesis idea which was apparently brilliant. Well, Mom published it under her own name and PLAGIARISM; the big P; instant firing; black balled from academia. Dad actually helped her cover it up, which was just too much and Samantha, she’s the grad student, went ballistic, I mean nuclear. She decided to get even. Her revenge was SOOOOO fucking AWESOME!

She was supposed to housesit while we were in Florida. So she came over the night before we were supposed to leave on the trip. She abducted us in this really cool way that didn’t hurt anyone, and then she told us we were going to commit full on family incest without protection all Christmas break long. JEEZE talk about an answer from heaven. It’s like she could read my fucking mind. I was going to lose my cherry to Daddy and he was going to knock me up; and mom couldn’t do anything, but watch. It has been so fucking unbelievably hot.



All Daddy’s little girl wanted for Christmas was to lose her virginity. When Daddy makes her naughty taboo wish come true, he unlocks a gift that keeps giving. With their forbidden incestuous sex enticing the whole family, will Daddy’s coed find herself getting more than she bargained for? Unable to say no to Daddy’s every desire, will this barely legal girl find herself used and impregnated?

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, Brother Sister Incest, Mother Daughter Lesbian Sex, Family Incest Orgy, Sensual Virgin Defloration, Multiple Partner Ménage, Taboo Impregnation, Forbidden Seed


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Relative Taboo

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