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Hucow BDSM Novel

Title:  Hucow Heights

Series:  Lusty Lactation No.2

Author: Goddess Pleasure

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Goddess Pleasure

Language: English

Length:  10,735 Words

ISBN:  LC4100003

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3D Ebook Cover - Hucow Heights - Lusty Lactation No.2 - by Goddess Pleasure

Hucow Heights


Dinah continued to spank Vicky, whose ass cheeks were now ready to fry a box of eggs upon, they glowed like the planet Mars. Vicky was absolutely loving being spanked and had gotten the ‘thank you Mistress’ down to a tee. Dinah was now up to five hundred slaps and had just stopped. Vicky felt the blood rushing through her veins and trying to make its way to get some feeling and sensation back into the delicate soft flesh. The cool air from the fan felt so good on her skin. Between slaps, Dinah rubbed in a circular motion, soothing the soreness on her ass. Vicky loved the feeling of her hand touching her body.

She now understood completely why Cath had a crush on her.

George slowly walked around the giant hydraulic leather bondage chair, which he’d now lengthened and had extended into a full-size bench. His dark eyes took in every inch of her nakedness, every millimetre of her exquisite beauty and perfection, her dark hair resting on her shoulders, her eyes trying to meet his but unable to as he stopped and stood behind her. The intensity was too much. They were both at almost breaking point with lust and longing. She could hear the sound of the flogger tails on his palm and couldn’t wait to feel them on her breasts. Milk trickled from her nipples at the very thought of how it could feel. How so very good it could feel… He was a supreme expert, delaying her any pleasure, heightening it, increasing her want, her need to feel him, anything from him, whether from an extension of his hand like a flogger tail or the arc of electricity from a violet wand – she wanted anything he could give her.

She could feel his leg trembling as it touched her head for a few moments and she smiled inside. He’s not such the hot-shot arrogant man when near me like he is when surrounded by everyone else. Dare he be falling in love with me? She wondered, dismissing the fantasy and hope instantly as she felt the first sting, right on the end of one of her nipples as the flogger’s tails rained down on her exposed soft and sensitive flesh.

Dinah smirked as she took her attention off Vicky and looked at Cath who was now arching her back and moaning with the supreme pleasure of his fingertips gently rubbing around and around her stimulated nipple. She feared her pussy would flood the bench, juices dripping all along its length and over the sides, maybe splashing his black boots. Cath liked being flogged much more than she thought she would and wasn’t so afraid now.


Handsome, sexy alpha male, billionaire businessman George D. Cartesson is beginning to not only fall in love with his favourite hucow, there are surprising developments with she and his estranged wife too; leaving him with a life-changing decision to make...

eBook TAGS   Lactation, Hucow, BDSM, Sex, Sex stories, Big breasts, Erotic stories, Breeding


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