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Father Daughter Incest Novels

Title:  Hotter Than Hell

Series:  N/A

Author: Phaedrus T. Wolfe

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  12,503 Words

ISBN:  LC8010

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Hotter Than Hell


But God would provide. He’d work it all out—the preacher had sworn and promised on the Bible.

And that had been her plan which had more or less worked until now. Though the ten grand in cash from her purse had now been spent, she was distracted by other concerns. The summer heat had found her; and in heat she was missing her lover. Missed Daddy even as she touched herself, fingers gliding slippery and wet, deep inside her as she moaned and pushed, trying to reach that secret place. Her cunt opened around her fingers, and closed like a mouth begging to be filled, crying out a river of flowing tears that soaked her gaping thighs. The flesh there trembled, she couldn’t even cum. Felt empty. Caught her breath. Fires still burning in the aftermath; in no rush to go away.

Her want. Pulsing, ebbing, flowing, even as she maneuvered her way down the crowded strip of Fourteenth Street, discount stores sporting wares off their awnings, vendors setting up their trade. She caught her reflection in a store window. And even in the faint likeness she could see the hint of rose on her cheeks. Looking down, she felt in love with her creamy smooth legs, the way those straps on her sandals crisscrossed her ankles in bondage.

She could have stopped traffic with the extra swell of her breasts, how the hot breeze from subway grates played leapfrog with the cotton hem of her miniskirt. In heat now, she was certain strangers she passed on the sidewalk could smell her, primal and raw. Pulsing.

She walked on, relishing the delicious contact where her thighs touched. Tiny spasms, like sparks of fire, ignited with every step she took. On the edge, want deep, the need to orgasm pulsed through her again as she remembered the feel of Daddy’s strong hands. Caught off guard, she was instantly wet. She shifted her weight, enjoying the feeling of her damp thighs rubbing together, knowing her juices would flow. The flow would come—squeeze out over her puffy clit, between the flesh of her thighs, wet and sticky in the heat. Wet.

Where was she?



Would God approve a father and daughter sexual relationship if the adult daughter fully consented? Or would she be better for her to run off with the lecherous local preacher? "God," she'd prayed, "Forgive my sinful past. I'll be good, I promise, if only you'll send me a really cool man. Please?" And after running away, she wonders, If living in freedom is so absolutely cool, then oh God why, is she hotter than hell? Does choice exist? Is there any such thing as 'Free Will', or is a person 'Caused' by events to act the way they do? If a person is 'Caused', then how can God hold her responsible for her incestuous desire to be with Daddy?

eBook TAGS    Father and Daughter Incest, Family Exotica, Older Man with Younger Woman, Priest, Preacher, Forbidden Love, Family Exotica


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