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Vintage 1982 Bestialty Erotica

Title:  Hot for Horses

Series:  PB-305 Greenleaf Classics 1982

Author: David Crane

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  A Lot’s Cave Edition

Language: English

Length:  28,108 Words

ISBN:  LC4500040

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Hot for Horses - by David Crane

Hot for Horses


The horse eyed her as she squirmed into position.

When she clicked her tongue, he eagerly trotted over.

The black stallion placed his front hoofs on the log, and his prick loomed out over her belly. Arabelle fondled the horse's cock and kissed it. His prick vibrated like a tuning fork between her hands and hummed on her tongue. Then she pulled the gigantic cock down into her groin. The thick horse-prick came down like a lever and the cocktip pushed against her cunt slit.

Arabelle trembled, both with passion and fear—fear that his cock would not fit up her pussy.

She arched her back and threw her legs widely apart.

Using her fingers, she spread her cunt lips open, slipping them over the tip of the horse's colossal cockhead.

The horse pushed.

Inch by precious inch, the head of his cock began to jam into her pussy. The redhead gasped and moaned and twisted her lithe hips and supple pelvis, trying to work her cunt down around the horse's cock. Half of that dark-gray cockhead was up her cunt now, and already the girl felt as if she were full to the brim.



The story of two dog-loving girls caught up in a desire for massive cocks—and the effects of their unconventional behavior on others who are drawn into their world. Will others comply with the girls perverted needs by embracing unorthodox modes of sexuality such as bestiality? And when Arabella spies the black stallion’s giant cock…! Arabelle trembled, both with passion and fear—fear that his cock would not fit up her pussy.

eBook TAGS    Horse sex, Dog Sex, bestiality erotica, beastiality erotica, Taboo, Human Animal Sex, Forbidden XXX Erotica, 1970's Pulp Fiction


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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