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Cheating Hotwife Erotica

Title:  His Cuckolding Wife And His Alpha Male Best Friend

Series:  Cheating Hotwife Erotica No.1

Author: Evey Veda

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Length:  5,581 Words

ISBN:  LC5400016

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3D Ebook Cover - His Cuckolding Wife And His Alpha Male Best Friend - Cheating Hotwife Erotica No.1 - by Evey Veda

His Cuckolding Wife And His Alpha Male Best Friend


Little did I realize, my husband’s best friend noticed my animalistic cravings. And, while my husband wasn’t about to take charge, his best friend was. It finally happened after a late night dinner party we were hosting. The three of us were a few drinks in, just enough to loosen up and forget our prior inhibitions by now. Everyone else had already gone for the night leaving us a bit too relaxed.

“You going to keep staring at my cock, baby?”

As a hot shade of red spread across my cheeks, I turned my attention back to my drink. I couldn’t deny it. I’d been staring at the outline of his cock all night.

“What’s wrong, doesn’t your husband satisfy a pretty thing like you?” He smirked then, taking a sip of his scotch.

“It’s not… it’s not like that. I just—” My words trailed off, as he grabbed my hand, placing it over his large bulge. Out of impulse, I gave his cock a squeeze. His shaft felt long and thick, throbbing from the impromptu touch.

Pressing more firmly against my palm, he set his drink down on the living room table. “Just need something bigger? Better?”

Inadvertently, my eyes wandered to my husband then, as he sat beside us his mouth slightly agape. He’d heard everything, his own cock starting to harden from the boldness of his friend. Even semi-erect, his best friend’s cock was easily triple the size.

“Come on, baby. Let your husband get a good look at what you need. Show him what it takes to satisfy a hot little slut like you.”



My husband knew I was a helpless flirt. He liked the possibility of another man enjoying and appreciating his sexy wife. After meeting his alpha male friend, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to be ravished by him! Now my husband’s best friend intends to humiliate him by taking me hard and unprotected! Just how deep will my husband’s humiliation be?

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eBook TAGS    Cheating hotwife erotica, alpha male sex, naughty cuckolding wife, submissive humiliated husband, big cock breeding, unprotected anal sex, horny best friend

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