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Cheating Hotwife Erotica

Title:  His Cuckolding Wife And Her Alpha Male Lover

Series:  Cheating Hotwife Erotica No.4

Author: Evey Veda

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Length:  6,210 Words

ISBN:  LC5400019

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3D Ebook Cover - His Cuckolding Wife And Her Alpha Male Lover - Cheating Hotwife Erotica No.4 - by Evey Veda

His Cuckolding Wife And Her Alpha Male Lover


Having his wife sleep with another man had always been a humiliation my husband enjoyed. Our relationship was otherwise typical. We weren’t extraordinarily kinky, perhaps just a bit more adventurous than most.

My husband had never kept his sexual interests a secret from me, and I have to admit, I liked that. I loved the idea of cuckolding my husband. There was just something appealing about the way my husband made me feel sexy, liberated. This sense of carnal freedom often left me radiating heat that other men seemed to notice. I’d never embraced my sensuality so openly, but my husband encouraged every indulgence. He needed this, and I, for my part, needed it as well.

Finding a man willing to sleep with another man’s wife wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. Usually my husband and I would simply go to a local bar and flirt for a while. The town we lived in had a steady stream of college students, and I was amazed by the number of young men looking to fulfill their secret fetishes. Luckily, a married woman like myself attracted a certain type of man. These young studs were incorrigible, always looking for their next fuck. I know that sounds awful, but it was a quality I rather liked in them. See, I craved a young horny stud who would take full control of my husband and me. A high sex drive and a nice hard cock always sealed the deal for us.

Tonight was no exception of course, and I flirted shamelessly with a young college student while my husband watched. The man was forward but surprisingly polite. I found myself instantly attracted to him. He knew what he wanted, and to my surprise, he also embraced my husband’s needs as well. As we got to know one another, it was quickly decided we needed somewhere more private. My husband happily extended an invitation back to our place, which the young man embraced without any reservation.



My husband always had an interest in other men. I suppose he was bi-curious. What I loved was the way he enjoyed watching me with other men. Usually, the two of us aren’t that kinky, but everything is about to change. We’ve found a real stud, one that’s comfortable exploiting and testing my husband’s limits—and my own! Just what forbidden temptations will we explore now?

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eBook TAGS    Cheating hotwife erotica, alpha male sex, naughty cuckolding wife, submissive humiliated husband, big cock breeding, bisexual curious men, horny handsome stud

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