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Cheating Hotwife Erotica

Title:  His Cuckolding Wife And Her Alpha Male First Time

Series:  Cheating Hotwife Erotica No.3

Author: Evey Veda

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Length:  6,532 Words

ISBN:  LC5400018

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3D Ebook Cover - His Cuckolding Wife And Her Alpha Male First Time - Cheating Hotwife Erotica No.3 - by Evey Veda

His Cuckolding Wife And Her Alpha Male First Time


I never could help the part of me that noticed a real alpha male. Everyone says a woman feels guilty; ashamed of her adulterous thoughts, but that was never the case for me. My husband knew what he was getting himself into when he married me.

There had been certain conditions when I agreed to marry him, and one of them was being kept satisfied. To his credit, my husband really did try to satisfy me. He tried harder than most men, though this made him slightly more pathetic in my opinion. Donít get me wrong, I loved my husband, but he just didnít know how to use the measly equipment he had at his disposal.

Thatís really when my eyes started to wander, until then the thought of sleeping with someone else had been a mere fantasy. When I had really committed to acting on my natural impulses, I decided to bring home a man my husband knew. I wanted to ensure he really enjoyed himself and Iíd caught him staring at his best friend a couple of times. It was perfect.

The man really was too handsome not to take notice of.

My husband and his best friend had grown up together, lived together in their first apartment, and then been best man at each otherís weddings.

Over the years, this made him an instant temptation. A part of me immensely enjoyed the thought of humiliating my husband by sleeping with his closest friend. The mere thought was enough to make my cunt soaked now!

After fantasizing about it for so long, I guess it was only natural to ask my husbandís friend to join my husband and I. Heíd been through a tough divorce, hadnít had sex in months, and I knew heíd be too horny to resist. Sure enough, with very little convincing, he decided to come over after work one night.



There were certain conditions when I agreed to marry my husbandónamely that he keep me satisfied. To his credit, he did try. Itís just, my pathetic husband isnít the kind of man I need. See, I need a real alpha male and I know just the man to invite back home. Heís my husbandís best friend, and heís also the one I want most. Together the three of us canít resist this forbidden temptation!

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eBook TAGS    Cheating hotwife erotica, alpha male sex, naughty cuckolding wife, submissive humiliated husband, big cock breeding, unprotected fertile sex, horny handsome stud

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