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Brother Sister Incest Romance Novel

Title:  Her Brother's Yuletide Surprise

Series:  N/A

Author: C. Shields

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  C. Shields

Language: English

Length:  13,317 Words

ISBN:  LC1200037

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Her Brother's Yuletide Surprise, by C. Shields

Her Brother's Yuletide Surprise


Jessie gently closed her teary eyes before her throbbing lips tenderly touched her brother’s lips in a warm, sweet kiss. When it began to dawn on her he that didn’t respond, reality seeped through her dull haze and she pulled back just a little to look quizzically up at him. Then, when she saw the shocked look on his handsome face, reality came crashing down on her. She simply lost all nerve.

The color that her brother had secretly wished she had earlier now came with a vengeance. She felt her face heat as she went deep scarlet all the way to the roots of her hair. She was horribly embarrassed and she was afraid, and even though her mind was still reeling and her heart was still thumping hard against her ribs, neither could drown out the painful embarrassment she now experienced because she believed Rich was disgusted by her  and he must think she was insane.

“I’m so sorry. I-I don’t know what I was thinking—” but when she wanted to pull back, his hands swept up and cupped her face gently, keeping her put.

He gazed deeply into her anxious and embarrassed eyes. “It’s okay, Jessie.”

“No,” she shook her head a little between his hands. “It’s not. It never will be. But that’s not your fault and I need to stop blaming you for something you didn’t have a hand in. I’m sorry, Rich. Honest. I really didn’t know what came over me—”

“Sh-sh-sh,” he hushed her softly; his breath warm and soothing against her lips. “I mean it when I say, it’s okay.”

Her lashes flickered and her stomach felt as if it were about to drop right out from under her when, much to her gleeful surprise, Rich lowered his dark head to her . . . and kissed her lips.

Jessie felt her body immediately respond. It was as if the emergency dam inside her finally gave way and a torrent of emotions surged free, sweeping her away. She pressed tighter against him, immediately feeling the bold evidence of his incredible virility against her tummy. To her excited surprise, she realized he was feeling the same desires as she was.

She couldn’t believe her beloved, sexy brother was hard. For her. This thought alone fed the fires of her aching body, but when he deepened the kiss and his tongue slipped between her lips and touched hers she felt her world spiral out of control as her knees went weak as water.

An obvious wetness and burning began between her pinched thighs. Her hand grew a mind of its own and boldly slipped down to cup his crotch. She wanted him like she’d never wanted a guy before, and she wasn’t about to let him back away. This was her only chance to love her handsome brother the way she had always wanted to. So before he could change his mind, she gently kneaded his rock-hard cock through his jeans, and when she heard his long, deep groan, she knew he wasn’t going to push her away.



Pretty Jessie Durand has been very sad lately. Just a week before Christmas, she decides to go to the snowy slopes of Big Bear to be alone with her thoughts. Big brother, Richard, offers to drive her, but when they arrive Jessie discovers that Richard has a wonderful yuletide surprise planned for her. Then she asks herself, can her happiness with her brother last beyond this steamy yuletide season?

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Taboo Sibling Sex, Oral Blow Job & Cunningulis, Masturbation, Cream pie, Family Exotica


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