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Father Daughter Incest Novels

Title:  Her Father's Mistress

Series:  N/A

Author: Chanel Ashby

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  32,923 Words

ISBN:  LC1100069

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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Her Father's Mistress


Michael was running late the next morning. It was unusual for him but after a long night of tossing and turning, it could hardly be helped. Nothing had been comfortable and he was a mess, half hard, half angry, he was already in a foul mood and Belle wasn't even here. Even his goddamn coffee wasn't right and he had stormed into the kitchen to berate the housekeeper. Someone was going to catch hell for his shitty mood and lack of sleep, when he suddenly saw her.

He almost screamed. It was definitely a noise of alarm that couldn't be helped and made him look exactly like the idiot she always treated him as. Belle was standing there by the sink. “What the fuck, I thought you weren't going to be here until tomorrow,” he gasped.

His daughter cocked her head and smirked, “nice to see you too, Daddy.” She was smoking and flicked the cigarette in the sink, taking a sip of her own coffee. “I got here last night,” she told him and tapped her shoe on the floor, “I'm ready for work.”

Belle was ready and she was so unlike the Belle that he remembered all too well, standing in almost exactly the same spot. She was wearing a gray dress, snug and fitted, her bottom almost popped out of the back but it was long enough to be considered appropriate. The black stilettos were sexy but nothing that one of his secretaries wouldn't wear. She shifted her weight and finished her coffee and Michael could tell immediately that for once since she had grown them, her breasts were secured under a bra. Her hair was even combed. Where was the wild child now?

Michael was speechless, the last time the two of them had been alone here, he was like a dog in heat. He still couldn't believe that he hadn't taken her up on her offer and rammed his cock so hard inside her that she cried. He had variations of the fantasy, in her mouth, her ass, in his mind he'd fucked her every way possible right here. Now, she appeared to be a young lady and he didn't know if he was disappointed or if that possibly made it even hotter. Jesus, he had to pull himself together, this was not the way to start out. “Alright, well give me five minutes,” for his erection to die down, “I need some decent coffee and we'll go.”

Maybe he would get lucky and he'd have a heart attack before they got there, he told himself as he was straightening his tie and pushing his arms into his jacket sleeves. In the car alone with Belle, dress or no dress, there was a high probability of trouble. He followed her to the limo and watched each cheek bounce when she walked, wondering if she had panties on. When she stooped to get in the back, both he and the driver noticed that she did. His daughter was wearing beautiful, black panties and the straps of the black garter belt were gripping her legs, holding up the flesh-colored thighs highs. The only way to do this was to hold his briefcase over his crotch.

She was silent and stared out the window, no headphones but still totally disconnected. As turned on as Michael was, he was still pissed off about school. That's what she did to him, drove him to the very edge of losing his cool either way. “So what happened at school, Belle?” he didn't know if he wanted the details but in case the cops were going to show up or he'd read about it in the paper, it was better to be forewarned.

When she turned her head, she pushed her long, black hair over her shoulder, “nothing, Daddy, don't worry about it.”

“They didn't expel you for nothing,” he could smell her perfume rising from her skin and he wanted to gnaw on her. It was subtle and he knew it was expensive, something classy and tasteful but all he remembered was the smell of her left behind in the panties that he would rub on his face while masturbating. The scent was always mixed with his lust and the sweet reminder of his daughter's wet crevice, it was impossible to separate the two now.

Belle sounded sad and that alone was shocking. How long had it been since the girl had actually cried about anything? “I met someone, I fell in love,” it must not have ended well and Michael felt sorry for the poor kid, Belle had probably wrecked him. “He's a teacher and he's married,” she sniffed, “it was a stupid mistake.”

If Michael was shocked when he first saw her, this news was earth-shattering. He put his hands up, he knew his mouth was open but he just didn't have the words, “Victoria said something about cheating,” he mumbled, what was he talking about?

“Yeah, cheating on his wife,” he saw her wipe her face before she could turn away, “Jesus,Daddy, do we have to talk about it?”

Even when she was behaving, he couldn't do anything right. Thankfully, she was officially an adult although she didn't seem to care about any of the normal conventions. Technically, he was finished with his obligation to her and really, no matter what Victoria said, he didn't owe Belle a thing anymore. “No, we don't,” he wasn't going to stop thinking about it though. What had she done to the man? Did she tell his wife, did she finally make good on her threat to Patrick? Some poor sap had walked into that and Michael knew from experience that his daughter would get what she wanted. “What are you going to do now, Belle?” he wanted her to give him a little credit, he was trying.

She was looking through her bag and pulled out a cigarette, “you mean once I'm over my broken heart?” She lit it and rolled down the window, blowing her smoke outside in a white trail.

“You can't smoke in here, honey,” Michael told her. It was right to give her some boundaries, wasn't it?

Belle turned to look at him and her blue eyes were wet and there was something about it that seemed particularly angelic, almost as if she were really an innocent girl, staring at him. She was soft and warm and it was so much worse than watching her push her panties to the side. He could see that face looking down at him as he laid his daughter back on the bed and pushed her dress up and unhooked her garters slowly. Her fire was still there, radiating from somewhere deep within and yet, at the moment, Belle couldn't have appeared more sweet. The need to ravish her had never been like this, clawing at his insides, the spasm of his pent-up want inched its way down his body. He was in hell.



Once Belle is back, Michael decides that he's waited long enough for a taste. The only question then becomes, can Daddy keep her satisfied? This story is intended for adults and contains taboo themes.

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter incest, Daddy's Girl Sex, Breeding Teen Daughter, Taboo Romance


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Relative Taboo

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