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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Good Neighbors

Series: Daddy And Sunny No.2

Author: Lolly Pope

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  20,133 Words

ISBN:  LC1100250

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Good Neighbors - Daddy And Sunny No.2 - by Lolly Pope

Good Neighbors


While she writhed above me, I pulled my finger free and slowly traced her pucker, wetting it with her own juice. The asshole was clenching and unclenching as she came.

When her orgasm finally eased, she relaxed, but remained unmoved. I took advantage of her loosen up state and pushed my finger into her butt. It popped in with a low sound and I managed to wriggle it until it went in just over my first knuckle.

Sunny jerked a little and sighed again. She hadn’t felt it yet so I pushed even deeper. Damn, her asshole was tight as fuck! I couldn’t help a low groan at that point.

“I love you, Daddy!” she mumbled.

“Yeah! Oh, fuck, Daddy loves you too, baby! Oooohhh!” I moaned as I pulled my digit out of her ass.

My daughter finally understood what was happening. “Daddy? What are you doing?”

“Shit, baby, I’m dealing with your ass cherry. Daddy wants to fuck this gorgeous ass!” I told her and slapped her right buttock.

“Oh!” she trembled then giggled. “Okay.”

With another growl, I slapped her anew and ordered “Good. Now, turn around so I can prepare it.”

My cock gave a sudden twitch when it heard that.

We maneuvered so that I could use my tongue on her ass and she could play with my hard pole and swollen balls.

“Did you notice Uncle Jim watching us, Daddy?” Sunny asked and I could tell she was looking at him over the green hedge.

“Oh, yeah. I’ve noticed.”

“My, what a show he’s getting.”

“Indeed. Did you notice what he’s doing with his hand?”

“Oh, yeah!” Sunny giggled. “He’s stroking his cock. I wonder how big it is.”

Jealousy spread through me like wild fire. I slapped her buttock really hard this time. “Daddy’s cock is the only one you’re gonna get for now, little slut!”

Sunny giggled. “Jealous, my sweet Daddy?”

“Of course I’m jealous. You’ve been fucking for three weeks and you already wanna try other cocks? You haven’t even started your period. Wait a few months and we’ll talk.”

“Daddy, calm down. I wouldn’t do anything without telling you.”

“Good. Now shut up and suck Daddy’s cock! Bitch!”

She immediately put her mouth on my dickhead and gave it a deep suck. I moaned burring my face between her buttocks, my tongue desperately licking her hot little hole. After a few more minutes of that I tried my finger again. It went in faster this time. Sunny stopped sucking me and concentrated on me and my hand. Her pucker squeezed my finger.

“Just relax, baby. Daddy’s not gonna hurt you. Think about how good my cock feels inside you. Yeah, that’s right.” I praised her when her asshole loosen enough for me to pull out then push right back inside.

My dick was so hard in her warm mouth that it fucking hurt. But I loved it. I loved the preparation, the teasing, the game, the prelude and I knew Sunny loved it too. Our games were always meant for our pleasure.

“Tight little sucker.” I growled, grinning and readying a second digit.

I was aware that I was gonna need at least three to make her loose enough to fit my thick pole into her tiny ass.



Daddy starts seeing the benefits of sharing his little girl with others, but he takes baby steps and, after teasing the hell out of him, begins by letting his brother, Jim, give her a hot shag at the annual Christmas party. Of course after that comes a lot of fun, starting with a hot enema and some food porn and ending with Sunny's first double penetration.

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eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, taboo, watersports, fetish, enema, piss, threesome, Daddy Daughter Sex

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