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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Girls Who Strip for Their Uncles and Daddies

Series:  N/A

Author: Lisa Smiles

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher: Lisa Smiles

Language: English

Length:  9,083 Words

ISBN:  LC1100206

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Girls Who Strip for Their Uncles and Daddies - by Lisa Smiles

Girls Who Strip for Their Uncles and Daddies


My twin brother Bill and I both had our youngest daughters, Jasmine and Laura, around the same time. For their eighteenths we have treated them to a weekend away in the wine making region. What better way to celebrate their both being legally able to drink!

But it’s only lunch time on day two and all four of us are so smashed we’ve had to come back to the house we are renting. Laura is being flirty with me, sprawled over my lap on the sofa. The V-shaped neck line of her dress has shifted enough to the side that I can see her bra plainly. It’s lacy enough to know the hue of her areola beneath: browner than I may have imagined. My hands marauding around on her legs are helping the bottom of the dress fall away revealing her G-string. Who would believe my little girl niece is eighteen!

But you would say the same of my daughter Jasmine, sitting on her uncle Bill’s knee on a dining chair. This place isn’t very well furnished. Those welded steel legs could break if she doesn’t stop flouncing around. She’s leaning forward burying her big girly butt in his lap, all the while looking this way hoping I will take notice of the milky braless view down the front of her blouse.

Poor Laura looks plastered. We should have considered her weight range before letting her drink at the same rate Bill and I were. The afternoon seems like a write off. It is beholden upon my brother and I, I believe, to offer up some consolation.

With my hand on Laura’s hip I say, “What else becomes legal, once you’re eighteen?” I didn’t mean it to come out that way.

Looking up with her rolling drunk eyes Laura says, “Strippers uncle Mike. Proper ones, who come at the end.”

“We’ve been getting ripped off,” I tell Bill, giving Laura a squeeze. “Female strippers don’t even get wet.”

Jasmine (we all call her Jazzy) says, “That’s appalling. For all of the money you pay them!”

“She’s right Mike,” Bill tells me. “If I could take back all the dollar bills I’ve put in dry old hags’ garters, I would give them all to these girls right here just for pleasure of having them near me.” I notice his hands have moved to my little girl’s thighs.

The smiles on their faces right now are just golden. Laura has chubby cheeks but she’s totally thin and she has such lovely kind eyes. As for Jazzy, she always seems to smile with her lips drawn to one side, as though there is always something else to be smiling about beyond what see on the surface.



To celebrate their daughters' eighteenths, brothers Bill and Mike rent a house for a weekend of wine tasting and treating their daughters like grown ups. All it takes is a little tipsy conversation about strippers though and the mask is removed from all their secret hopes from this weekend. Which is best, a niece or a daughter? An uncle or father? A mother or sister? Incest is all good, enjoy it!

eBook TAGS    Father Daughter Incest, daddy daughter erotica, Uncle Niece Sex, incest, virgin girl, strippers, barely legal girls, Family sex


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