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Billionaire Romance & Bimbo Babes

Title:  Girl Billionaire

Series:  Taken by Nerds No.3

Author: Charlton Y. Lee

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  7,576 Words

ISBN:  LC5400007

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3D Ebook Cover - Girl Billionaire - Taken by Nerds No.3 - by Charlton Y. Lee

Girl Billionaire


Justin Herslot, a twenty-seven-year-old sales rep in pre-owned appliances, didn’t bother to lock the front door to the little store before fucking Megan on top of an oversized console TV from the 1960s. She was splayed out on top of the “genuine imitation walnut cabinet” of the console, with his cock stuck in her warm little pussy. He stood at one end of the console with his gray synthetic slacks and white briefs down around his ankles. On the floor around them, rows of white washers and dryers were lined up across the floor, with old, low-tech TV sets here and there.

Music pounded from his cellphone through speakers he had received by trading away one of the store’s dishwashers when the owner was out. The phone and speakers sat on a nearby dryer.

“Ooh, honey,” Megan cooed. Full chestnut hair spilled around her cute, eighteen-year-old face. She clutched her C-cup tits in her own hands and wiggled her butt on the console.

In return, he pulled his cock out about halfway and then rammed it back in, causing the tail of his white dress shirt and red and white necktie to sway.

Megan gasped and hitched up her hips take it. “Yeah!”

She had graduated from high school three months earlier and now waited on tables at an old-style Midwestern diner down the block. Her white lace bra lay on top of the clingy blue pullover top and flower-print skirt she had been wearing a few minutes before. She liked getting fucked before going on the evening shift and Justin liked her lack of commitment.

The owner of the store had gone home and nobody was likely to show up at four-thirty in the evening for used TVs and appliances. Justin figured this job in Omaha was a loser anyhow, so he had saved up a couple of thousand dollars for the future. The extra money came when he sold units at a discount out the back door for cash when the boss was not around and then rigged the computer to show that those items had never existed.

With his six feet in height, big smile, and curly brown hair, he figured he should take his talents somewhere more promising, like Wichita.

Justin looked down at Megan, wondering if he should invite her to move to Wichita. Her assets were obvious: Cute face, nice tits, good rear end, and she’d spread those legs because he would buy her tacos later tonight, after she got off work.Maybe it wasn’t the tacos. Sometimes he suspected she only opened her legs for him in the hope that he’d give her a really good price on a washer and dryer someday.

“Come on, Justin!” Megan hitched her butt up off the console for a moment.



Justin’s got a problem, he’s not exactly hot for Tessa. With the female billionaire interested in him however, Justin can’t help but satisfy her secret lustful desires. When Justin learns what Tessa really desires is a long term boyfriend, things take a turn toward the humorous. In this sexy comical tale, just how kinky will these two get to obtain what they’ve always desired?

eBook TAGS    Erotic Humor, Bimbo Babes, Filthy Rich Nerds, Billionaire Erotic Romance, Super Hung Cocks


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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