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Gay Prison Sex Erotica

Title:  Gay Behind Bars

Series:  Two Story Compilation

Author:  Barry Dunn

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  60,198 Words

ISBN:  LC7200001

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Gay Behind Bars - by Barry Dunn

Gay Behind Bars

eBook INFO

These two novels by Barry Dunn were originally published in paperback pulp fiction by Greenleaf Classics as AC-316 BUDDIES BEHIND BARS in 1984 and AC-343 STATE PEN STUDS 1985, and are now in the public domain. This special Lot's Cave Compilation Edition has been carefully edited by Lot’s Cave to correct spelling errors, modernized for contemporary readers, and a fully linked table of contents added.


As Mike had feared, word quickly spread through Cell Block H that one of the most attractive new inmates was now up for grabs—at least for as long as his buddy, Lance, was locked up in the hole.

Even though Lance thought he was just another dumb street hustler, Mike was cynical enough to know that he was going to be raped sooner or later while in the Holding Center. The only question was how soon, and by how many of the other men! In the meantime, it was business as usual. Mike continued to turn tricks, although now he was doing it in order to evaluate some of the more aggressive cons, to determine if any of them might be a suitable protector for him until Lance got out of solitary.

The Saturday night after Lance's confinement, the most recent of these auditions wasn't going particularly well for Mike, who had agreed to ball one of the older guys in exchange for a pack of cigarettes. Before his arrest, Mike wouldn't have tricked with this number for less than fifty bucks and only then if he was desperate. The convict, on the other hand, was positively salivating at the prospect of helping himself to a hot young number like Mike.

“Oh yeah,” he said salaciously, grinning at Mike as he slid the cell door shut behind him to give them the illusion of privacy. “You're good-looking, all right. A real prime stud!”

His hot nervous eyes moved slowly over the hustler's muscular body, admiring his crotch, the proud jut of his chest, and the set of his jaw. Mike returned his gaze with a cold smile of professional indifference. He reached out to fondle Mike's crotch, and the young stud let him. He'd made a deal and had to go through with it. He had to satisfy this creep... so Mike allowed him to touch him as countless other men had done before him.

Putting out for a new john was always traumatic for Mike, especially here in the slammer. At least outside, on the street, he could walk away if he didn't like a guy's looks or manner. But now Mike stood silent, passive, as the man's trembling fingers moved up from his groin to his belt buckle.

“No underpants, huh?” the man asked hoarsely, his hot, moist hands sliding inside the unzipped jeans to grasp and measure Mike's cock. “Prick-teaser! Running around in here, in front of all these horny men, bare-assed and bare-cocked under those tight pants. Let me see your fucking cock, kid. Let me see if it's as big as it feels!”



Gay Behind Bars tells two stories of young men in prison. The first story tells of two young men; one of them blond and experienced, the other dark and tender. They meet on the street, but their friendship really begins in the fight to survive the rigors of prison life together. The second story “tells it like it is” exposing the old gay stereotype for the lie it remains. This compelling novel uncovers truth in an area where facts have long been ignored.

eBook TAGS    Gay Male Love, M/M Sex, Prison Sex, Forbidden Homosexual Romance, Secret Alpha Fantasy, pulp fiction, Greenleaf Classics, AC-316 BUDDIES BEHIND BARS, AC-343 STATE PEN STUDS


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