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Father Daughter Incest Erotica

Title:  Fun Family Games

Series:  N/A

Author: Lisa Smiles

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lisa Smiles

Language: English

Length:  5,711 Words

ISBN:  LC1100205

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3D Ebook Cover - Fun Family Games - by Lisa Smiles

Fun Family Games


I had worried for years that my wife Karen’s disinterest in sex would mean I’d remarry when our girls, inevitably, decided to leave. But then Abbey turned 18 and Paige was 19 and neither showed any intention. They were our “indispensable leaches”, they’d tease us.

It was Karen’s suggestion to try a few sexy things as a family. The first was a night at a health club in Spain where clothes weren’t allowed in the pool on the rooftop. My wife and the girls couldn’t stop grinning about me being stuck with a stiffy.

“If you’re scared,” Karen told them, “then don’t let him see you. He’s such a big perve.” Turning to me: “You are a perve John. You don’t even care they’re your daughters.”

“We’re not scared,” Abbey chortled, backing her sister to the furthest corner of the pool. Behind them were the rooftops and antennae of the entire Eixample district of Barcelona with glimpses of Mediterranean turquoise on the horizon.  

“No, it’s only a willy,” laughed Paige, protecting Abby with her big-sisterly arm.

“In that case,” Karen said, “all three of you ought to move closer.”

Paige was more game than her sister and started wading toward me. She had had a big morning of sun at the beach, everywhere except for her boobs. They were having their first ever taste of straight sun.

“Get hold of it Paige,” my wife told her. “I’ll hold him. Get your hands away John. Give her a chance.”

Paige wrapped her hand firmly around the pleasurable half and said, “Now what?”

“Ask him a question and if he lies, squeeze it. You’ll feel it through his dick if he’s fibbing.”

“Feel what exactly?”

“It’ll go softer.”

Paige said, “Get over here Abby. We’ve got a lie detector. He’ll tell us anything.” While Abby was forcing herself away from the far edge of the pool, Paige made a start. “Who has the best boobs then, Abby or me?”

“Oh don’t be silly, you both look th... ouch! Paige! That really hurt.” She had squeezed like she was trying to get the last drop of sunscreen out of the tube.

She put her arm around her sister and made her mimic her chest thrust. “One of us has to be better.”

“Okay, Abby’s,” I fessed.

While they both looked at Abby’s to see what I’d meant Karen said, “Abby’s point up more. I told you your dad is a pervert.”

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When John's wife tells his daughters that his dick loses blood when he's lying, they try getting a hold and finding out secrets. 18 year old Abby has the best breasts, but 19 year old Paige has nicer skin. Out of Paige, mum and Abby, Abby is best. Actually Abby is the cause of his stiffy. It's time now to learn some fun games that can be played with two pretty daughters and daddy's big penis.