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Cousin Incest Novels

Title:  Forever Sweet

Series:  N/A

Author: Mosey

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  10,867 Words

ISBN:  9781301344666

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Forever Sweet


"Ida," I want to say, "you're a good singer. A good cousin, a good person. I wish you were a good fuck, too, 'cause I really feel like that'd just be the best birthday present ever. Ya know, man? Ya know?"

I don't say that, though. It'd be a real dick move and she's helping me clean the place up and I don't think I could do it anymore if she left. I think I'd just retire to my bed, flop down on my bed, and sleep until next century.

Another good thing about her staying is her slim, barely-there ass. As we're cleaning and we're both super busy, I get to stare at it and imagine myself touching it, taking it into my hands and squeezing it, biting it. Licking it all over.

It must be the booze or something. I'm not usually this rabid, and certainly not towards my own cousin. I have never thought of Ida in a sexual manner before, or as that kind of object.

When she leaves, I know I'll be lying alone in my own bed, struggling to get off to sleep. I'll imagine her ass again, and my hands on her ass. I'll imagine my tongue poking into her ass and I'll bite into her soft, warm cheeks, each one like a perfect ripe peach. Then I'll slide my hands into my panties and get myself off. I'll scream her name and she won't hear me. I'll scream her name and I won't feel bad because it's just a fantasy and not at all real.

And then I'll feel a little bad too. I'll wish it were just a bit real. I'll wish she'd really sung a song just for me and she'd really smiled at me like she did in my dream.

It would have been really great, I think.



Imogene's 20th birthday party is a hot affair. Across a sea of gyrating fans adoring the sounds from her cousin Ida's band, Imogene watches with smoldering intensity. She's never felt this way before. She can't take her eyes off her cousin's sensual body, the rhythmic sway in tune with the hard beat of the music. She is drawn like a moth to a flame, unable to quench the desire she feels to reach out and touch what surely must remain a secret fantasy. But must it?

eBook TAGS    Cousin Incest, Incest Family Sex, Lesbian Erotica, Cousin Sex Stories, Cousin's In Love, Kissing Cousins


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