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Menage a Trois & Interracial Sex

Title:  Fighting For Love

Series:  N/A

Author: Allison Heather

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lotís Cave

Language: English

Length:  17,803 Words

ISBN: LC1375006

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3D Ebook Cover - Fighting For Love - Allison Heather

Fighting For Love


Momís hands were now massaging my soft belly. I lifted and turned my face and my half open mouth found momís sweet mouth. I pushed my tongue in her mouth and found the warmth of sweet nectar. Mom moaned in my mouth, I had pushed my hand behind me and found the soft opening hidden in the curly lush bush.

I gently parted momís fleshy meaty cunt lips and my finger teasingly traced the pink entrance to the passage of my birth. My fingers were very experienced and familiar with momís womanly heaven and my birthplace. We had moved to our present intimacy during baths by taking small steps and now we both were completely comfortable in stretching mother-daughter intimacy to this level. We could care less if some societal eyebrows would have arched at our close relationship.

Momís one hand stayed on my left breast and other dove between my thighs and soon it was my turn to moan. Mom swiftly parted the thin petite lips of my cunt and found my aching clit. I rubbed momsí boobs with my back and my fingers rubbed her clit. She reciprocated and my breast and clit were treated to her heavenly touch.

Our mouths were glued. I hardly noticed the discomfort of turning my neck to taste momís sweet mouth.

We both moaned softly and soon our bodies shook gently and we both came together, another something we had got used to as normal.

ďMom, I want to kiss you,Ē I moved away and mom and stood in the bathtub. I kissed my momís mouth and soon was sucking on her one nipple and tugging pulling on the other. Mom moaned softly. I moved on to her belly. We both moved gracefully by then. Mom turned at my gentle insistence and bent over. I had the magnificent sight of my momís posterior.



Sometimes in life one has to fight for love even with your own loved ones. Keisha dotes on her mother Dani. Her mother has to make arrangements to look after her widowed father. Keisha lands a hand and soon develop a strong bond with her grandfather.Dani feels a stab of jealousy as she sees her daughter become the focus of her fatherís life and she gives into irrational envy.

eBook TAGS    Mother Daughter Incest, Grandfather Granddaughter Sex, Lesbian Mom Daughter Romance, Family Threesome, DP Anal Strapon


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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