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Family Incest Erotica

Title:  Family Sex Trade 2

Series:  N/A

Author: R. Richard

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  19,761 Words

ISBN: LC1600090

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3D Ebook Cover - Family Sex Trade 2 - by R. Richard

Family Sex Trade 2


Katrina is a lady who lives a few blocks away. She has come to see us, because of yet another local disaster. Katrina says, “I was working down at the truck stop place, slinging hash in the diner. Tommie, my son, was working in the garage at the truck stop. Darlene, my daughter, was filling in at the truck stop diner, cleaning houses, mowing lawns, whatever. Timmie and I got laid off. Darlene can't hardly find any work anymore and we gotta move somewhere. We have been living from paycheck to paycheck and we don't have much money. Darlene says that you managed to help Shirley. Can you do something for us?”

I ask Katrina, “Do you have any idea what we did with Shirley?”

Katrina says, “Apparently you made a dirty movie, featuring Shirley.”

I lecture, “Shirley was living with her father and had to and I quote, 'take care of him.' She also mowed lawns, ran errands, cleaned houses, that sort of thing. Shirley found herself in a situation where she could either scrounge up enough money to run to a big city and predictably wind up screwing guys that she met on a street corner and giving most of the money to a pimp. Or, Shirley could make a porn film, make enough money to get started far from here and also earn a good, if fake, high school diploma. Shirley finally decided to make the porn film. I would say that Shirley made the wise choice.”

Katrina asks, “Then, Shirley did get paid?”

“Yes, Shirley got paid. Her video was hot and the guy that we sell video to paid us the agreed money and Shirley may make even more, if her video becomes a best seller.”

Katrina asks, “Okay, can Darlene make the same kind of money?”

I lecture, “I wrote a video script for Shirley. It worked out very well. However, we can't use that same script again. If we're gonna use Darlene in a porn video we're also gonna have to use Timmie and you.”

Katrina is shocked. “How ... How can you use Timmie and, for that matter me?”

“We had to hire male actors for Shirley's porn video. That costs money. However, Shirley was the only local one who needed to be paid. You need to earn enough to pay three people, plus one male actor. Shirley can dance and she can earn money working in a big city strip or nudie club. Can Darlene do that kind of thing?”

Katrina says, “No, Darlene isn't all that much of a dancer. She might be able to work in a strip club, but who knows?”

“I know Timmie a little, from back in high school. I have seen Darlene. Both Timmie and Darlene are fairly attractive, but not video star attractive. However, there's a fairly strong mother daughter resemblance for you and Darlene. Also blonde Darlene and blond Timmie look like the twins that they are.”

Katrina asks, “Is this going where I think it's going?”

I lecture, “Let's look at the big picture. You have three people, with no special talent. You're trapped in a dying town. You don't have enough money to get started somewhere else. You have only one way to earn what you need to really get out.



"You made a dirty movie, featuring Shirley." "Shirley was living with her dad and had to quote, 'take care of him.' She also worked for the neighbors. Shirley found herself in a situation where she could either run to a big city, wind up screwing guys that she met on a street corner, giving most of the money to a pimp. Or, Shirley could make a porn movie and make enough money to get started."

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Family Sex, Father Daughter Incest, Brother Sister Gangbang, Whore, Nude Sex Video


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