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Brother Sister Incest & Student Teacher

Title:  Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays

Series:  N/A

Author: Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  45,010 Words

ISBN:  LC1200111

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays - by Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD

Family Lovers and Naughty Schooldays


She wrapped her hand around her teacher’s cock and began to stroke it, feeling very pleased with herself as the flaccid organ began to respond and grow longer and harder. In no time at all, Karin found herself with a big, fat hard-on filling her hand. “Oh, yes,” she said, “this is much better.”

“Yes, it certainly is,” Sven agreed. “Would you like to taste it? Our class today is oral sex, after all. Would you prefer to practice on the dildo or on a real cock?”

“Oh, by all means, let me practice on you, Mr. Olafsen. You have such a lovely, big, fat cock. I am sure it will be much more pleasant to suck than any plastic fake.”

“Very well. Have you ever sucked a cock before, Karin?”

“My twin brother lets me suck him off,” the pretty student said. “Of course, he’s not really all that big, and his cock isn’t nearly as nice as yours. I can suck him for a long time and he’ll hardly cum at all.”

“Well, try licking the tip first. Work the shaft with your fingers and run your tongue along the shaft.”

Karin continued to slowly stroke Sven’s prick as she leaned forward and touched the tip to her lips. Her mouth opened, and her tongue slipped out and tasted the underside of the fat knob.

“Oh, this is very nice,” she said. “You are much bigger than my brother, and I am sure I will enjoy sucking you.”

“Well, you are doing a fine job so far, Karin.”

“I just hope I’ll get a good grade,” she laughed, kissing the tip of his prick.

“Now this is a class in all kinds of oral sex,” Sven said, nodding approval at Karin’s technique. “So you girls may practice on each other, too, or with the dildos and vibrators.”

Now Karin opened her mouth wider, taking the knob of Sven’s huge cock between her soft lips.

“Yes, that’s exactly right, Karin,” Sven said. “You may take it deeper into your mouth, too. You want to make your partner cum in your mouth.”

“Mmmm, hmmm,” she mumbled. “That’s what my brother does. He seems to like it a lot.”

“Naturally. All men do.”

While Karin continued to suck their teacher, Inga and her friend Mary decided to play with each other a bit. Mary pulled up Inga’s blouse, while Inga unbuttoned Mary’s. The two girls loved to have their tits rubbed, and knew exactly what they needed to do to please each other. Inga could actually cum just from having her tits rubbed.

Brigitta felt a little bored, oddly enough. She was quite sure she already knew how to suck a cock, and practicing on a dildo just didn’t appeal to her. Will it be my turn soon? she wondered.

“You’re doing a very good job sucking me, Karin,” Sven said, after Karin had worked on him for several minutes. “But now we should let someone else try. Who would like to be next?”

“Oh, me, please, Mr. Olafsen,” Ingrid cried, beating out Brigitta by half a second.

“Very well, you may be next, Ingrid.” He walked back to the next row, where the dark-haired senior immediately brought his rigid prick to her lips.



These 18 short stories delve into a world where a new school can mean a blowjob from the headmistress, and fucking your twin sister in SexEd. Where staying after class can lead to an orgy, sometimes you share your brother's cock with your best friend, and three hot friends mark their vacation by pissing all over a popular resort and each other. Includes a pretentious intro by Olaf Sigurdsen, PhD, just like '70s porn mags used to have.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Incestuous Family, schoolgirl orgies, public pee, brother-sister, Sex stories, student-teacher sex


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