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True Incest – Family Love Epic – Erotic

Title:  Colleen: The Voyage

Series:  Generational Family Love Epic 1

Author: Steven Michaels

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  42,178 Words

ISBN:  LC1600044

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3D Ebook Cover - Colleen: The Voyage - Family Love Epic 1 - by Steven Michaels

Colleen: The Voyage

Series Note:

Each book, 1 to 11 in this series is a stand alone story and completed by the author. The Complete Collection is available in a single massive ebook here now.


Colleen stood naked in the wash tub’s warm water, tears forming in her young eyes, counter-pointing the late spring showers that were softly dancing on the Irish landscape outside, while her shadow did its own embracing dance with her mother’s shadow cast along the kitchen walls by the cooking fire’s flickering flames.

“Ma, do I have to go?”

“Yea, Colli, you must go if you are to survive,” Grace spoke softly and gently as she soaped her hands and began to lovingly wash Colli’s back. “You know all of Ireland is running out of food. We’re starving. You don’t like being hungry, do you?”

This house had been in Patrick Kelly’s family for over a hundred years, and it was still only a family room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a small water closet at the back. Like all the homes in rural Ireland, the privy house was out back a ways from the house so the smell wouldn’t overwhelm them. There had been more land, much more land. Patrick’s grandfather, Shamus, lost a leg over fifty years before while using a team of horses to pull out a stubborn tree stump, and could no longer work the farm, such as it was. He began selling parcels off. Then, with no parcels to plow, he sold off the stock. Shamus’s timing couldn’t have been worse, for within a short few years Ireland would be starving and he without land to grow crops. Shamus had died a broken man and his son joined the British army to get food, leaving the house and an eighth acre of land to his son, Patrick, who refused to give it up or give up on it. This peat-brick house was his home and he planned to stay there and one day leave it to his son, Michael.

Colli sniffled. “No, Ma I don’t like being hungry.”

The Great Irish Famine of 1845-1849 drove many Irish to America, including Grace’s younger sister, Mary. What was happening now would be known in history as the mini-famine or An Goita Beag of 1879, and it struck Ireland hard; not as hard as the Great Famine, but coming right on the Great Famine’s heels, it was hard enough. For the last eleven years the Kelly family, Pat, his wife Grace, their son Mike, now twelve, and their daughter, Colleen, have been trying to hang on, but there wasn’t enough land to grow enough food for them. Mike was born just as the Mini-famine began, and Colli came two years later, in 1881. Sadly, by 1890, the famine showed no signs of letting up, and Pat and Grace Kelly made the hardest decision of their lives: They were sending nine-year-old Colleen to live in America with Grace’s sister, Mary, and her family. Pat, Grace and Mike would somehow ride it out.

“Spread your legs, Darlin’,” Grace said as she slide her soapy hand down Colli’s back, then a soapy finger down the crack of Colli’s arse, to wash it. Her slick finger momentarily paused at Colli’s arse opening, where Grace applied slight pressure, inserting the soapy finger tip. “This feels wonderful, doesn’t it?”

“Yea, Ma, it feels almost as good as it does when I use my fingers on my cunni like you showed me. I like watching you do it like you showed me”

“And I enjoy it when you watch me. Does it still frighten you when I cry out in happiness at the end, or when either Da or Mikey squirt in me and we all cry out our pleasure?”

“No, Ma, not any more. Will I someday feel what you feel when you rub your cunni? Or feel what you feel when a boy squirts in me?”

“Yea, Darlin’, you’ll be gettin’ full enjoyment out of your cunni, but don’t rub it, Colli, gently and softly massage it until you get close to the end. That’s when your body will tell what to do: How hard to massage and exactly where to do it. It is a little different for each woman.”

Steven Michaels entire ‘Colleen’ series of Generational Family Love:

       1: The Voyage                      2: Welcome To America            3: The Marriage  

      4: The Children                    5: The Youngsters                       6: The Teens

      7: The Roaring Years           8: The Challenging Years           9: The Anxious Years

    10: The War Years               11: The Fulfilling Years

Get the Complete 11 Volume ‘Family Love’ Epic in One eBook:

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eBook TAGS    Family Incest, Mother Son Incest, Father Daughter Sex, Brother Sister Romance, Mother Daughter Lesbianism, Aunt/Uncle-Niece Taboo, Gay Father Son Incest, Homosexual/Lesbian Incest


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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Colleen “Colli” Kelly has been raised all her life in an incestuous family. Together, the love they share can only be described as adventurous and erotic. For the young Colleen, there’s no better way to show her love. When famine drives her from the family she loves however, Colleen is forced to find satisfaction and potential romance in other ways. Can her family teach her how to please the new men she’ll meet on her voyage to America?

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