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Father Son Gay Incest Erotica

Title:  Fallen Apples

Series:  N/A

Author: Douglas Mayweather

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  19,871 Words

ISBN: LC1350004

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PDF, ePub, Mobi, and Zip with all formats

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3D Ebook Cover - Fallen Apples - by Douglas Mayweather

Fallen Apples


I tore my eyes away and looked back out the window, but I couldnít resist turning around and looking at Cameron again. He was beautiful. I walked back over to the bed and sat down on it, leaning forward and supporting myself with one hand. The other hand I ran over his butt, gently feeling the curve of his ass. I continued stroking his ass, thinking how the soft fabric felt almost like skin, but that made me want to feel real skin.

I pulled down the elastic waistband of his briefs, but that only gave access to a small section of his butt. I touched it and marveled at the warmth and smoothness. I didnít want to wake him so I tried inserting my hand under the waistband, but that also let me touch just a small portion. I had to feel more! I pulled the waist band again and this briefs slid easily down this time so I could pull them down to his knees.

I didnít know when I had last seen anything so perfectly formed as his bare ass. I rubbed it, thrilling to the sensuous feeling of my hand on his flesh. I leaned down and pressed my lips to that flesh, kissing different parts of both cheeks and the tops of his legs.

My brain had gone haywire and I spread his cheeks and pressed my face into the crack of his ass. He hadnít bathed before going to bed and I inhaled a musty male-animal scent. If this had been any other manís crotch Iím sure I would have been repulsed, but this was my sonís smell, and I relished it.

I stuck out my tongue and tried to touch it to Cameronís asshole, but it barely reached. I spread his cheeks farther and tried again. He moved his leg, bending his knee, and his cheeks parted so I was able to lick my tongue up and down his ass crack, focusing on his hole. I kissed it and tried forcing my tongue in, getting only a centimeter in, but still trying to go further.

Itís funny how the mind can ignore some obvious things, and can at other times contain two thoughts at once. While I was concentrating on my sonís asshole and enjoying the smell, the taste, the feel, it occurred to me that he had consciously bent his leg giving me full access to his asshole, and that when I had pulled his briefs down to his knees with ease it was because he had raised his hips. He was fully awake and participating in these acts of lust.

I withdrew my face and he rolled over, revealing his erect cock. I was pleased to see my boy had a good-sized cock. It was still a young manís cock, but in a couple more years it would probably be as long or at least as thick as mine. Right now it was perfect, and waiting to be sucked.



This nine story collection features boundary pushing fathers fostering forbidden cravings for their barely legal sons. Consumed by uncontrollable lust, these handsome men will stop at nothing to satisfying their taboo needs. Pursuing their horny sons might be wrong, but will their uninhibited passions lead to something just right? Readers will find out enjoying these dirty incestuous stories!

eBook TAGS    Father Son Incest, Gay Son Dad Sex, Bisexual Oral & Anal, Son Sucks Father M/M, Dad Fucks Son, Homosexual Rimming, Nine Stories


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Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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