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Mother Son Incest & BDSM Novels

Title:  F is for Fulfillment

Series:  Forbidden Passions

Author: Surely Wilder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  77,001 Words

ISBN:  9781311397546

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3D Ebook Cover - F is for Fulfillment - Forbidden Passions - by Surely Wilder

F is for Fulfillment


I walked into the bedroom and found Philip with 3 sets of clothes on the bed. The first was a beautiful, green evening gown that had a long slit up the center. The second outfit was my new pair of black, latex chaps with an equally shiny corset. The third was my favorite sheer black peignoir set that I wore when I wanted to be very flirty and romantic. He had matching undergarments for each. The three outfits provided very different, erotic looks.

“Am I to choose?”

“No, I thought these would be good for you tonight.” Philip said thoughtfully.

“I can’t possibly wear all three at once. No woman could pull off that look.”

Philip laughed, “No, you’ll wear all three at different times tonight. These are your stage outfits.”

“Stage outfits?”

“Yea, Robert thinks that the pages for the clubs lack sizzle because you’ve never experienced that. So, he wants you to be a stripper in an all nude club.”

“He wants me to be a stripper!? He’s out of his ever loving mind!! He told me he wanted me to go to a strip club, not be one of the entertainers.” I bellowed as I began marching toward the phone.

Philip stopped me, “It’s part of the job; besides you like flashing.”

His words stopped me cold because he was right. I had a beautiful, desirable body and I did enjoy showing it off. There was something truly erotic in the way a stranger would look at me when he saw my fully round breasts or came to the realization that I was a genuine redhead. As much as I wanted to deny it, he was right; I was a tease.

“I’ve never been to one of those places in my life.”

“I know, and that’s the point. Until you experience it, you’ll never know how to really make the web sites sizzle.”

“Ok, but to expect me to do this without warning ...I’m 38 for Christ’s sake. How in the world am I supposed to compare to the teeny bopper hard bodies. This is madness.”

Philip knelt before me and took my chin in his hand. Holding my face up I looked directly into his eyes and saw a look of wonder and love as Philip said, “You still don’t get it.”

“Get what?” I asked in a truly perplexed voice.

“You are the hottest woman any of us know. Robert and Daniel are jealous of me because I have you. Sierra looks at you and wants to be as beautiful.”

My heart soared with his profession, and I nearly cried from the compliment, but I was determined not to ruin my make up. I looked at him and in a dejected voice, said. “I have stretch marks.”

“Which will be covered by the garter belts.” He retorted as he stroked my left breast.

“I have cellulite on my ass.”

“And the teeny boppers have acne.” He calmed as he leaned forward to nuzzle my left nipple. The feeling of his lips upon me immediately made me warm to the idea though I gently laughed as I enjoyed his talented tongue. How in the world could any man be attracted to a pimply ass, I wondered?

“What if I can’t?”

“What if you can?” Philip asked as he spread my legs and began gently stroking my pussy. “Is this really any different from anything we’ve done over the last 4 weeks. I’ll be there with you every step of the way. If I sense any danger, or you tell me it’s time to go, we go. Deal?”

I was amazed. Given our dom/sub relationship, Philip could have ordered me to do this. Instead, he was leaving this decision fully in my hands and the way he looked at me with, made me determined not to disappoint him. Even more, the way he gently fondled me, inspired my decision all the more. I imagined the scene and suddenly I wanted to strip. “Alright, which outfit do we start with?”



What’s a woman to do when her lover has given her permission to embrace all of her most erotic and perverted fantasies? Live them of course. Inside you will find some of my favorite acts of seduction as I invited new lovers to satisfy my insatiable needs. All of my actions were of course approved of and encouraged by my master. He wanted me to make up for the 17 years of celibacy I endured, and in one week, I took more lovers than most women enjoy in a life time. F really is for Fulfillment.

eBook TAGS     Mother Son Incest, Father Daughter Sex, Mom Daughter Lesbians, Impregnation, MILF Seduction, Oral & Anal Sex, Explicit Talk, BDSM Dungeon, Dominance & Submission, Spanking, Golden Showers, Group Sex


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