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Mother Son Incest & BDSM Novels

Title:  F is for Fulfillment II

Series:  Forbidden Passions

Author: Surely Wilder

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lots Cave

Language: English

Length:  61,019 Words

ISBN:  9781311597069

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3D Ebook Cover - F is for Fulfillment II - Forbidden Passions - by Surely Wilder

F is for Fulfillment II


My master had set up our home for video surveillance without my knowledge. And as I lie here, I can see that morning unfolding on the video screen. I look so erotically pathetic as I pull the covers from my sleeping lover to reveal his pleasured rod. I look like a ravenous whore with my unruly mass of red hair gently gliding over his young taught body. His penis looks so innocent in its resting state, and I desired to feel his cock inside my mouth and empty pussy. I wanted him then, but... OH... I need his dick to fill me and his cum to flow inside of my very ready body now. Watching this scene makes me so wet. How I loved awaking my virile stallion with my ever growing appetite.

I enjoy surprising my baby daddy this way and watching the way his penis react to my tantalizing kisses. As I bathed the head of his cock with my tongue, I delighted to taste our combined fluids from our previous evening’s love. My master is never deprived the warmth of my body, and every night I make sure that he is well pleased. This of course means that every morning, I must clean his penis so that he is ready for that days use. I so love a clean cock.

I watched with delight as his penis began its slow steady dance of vitality as the head of his cock emerged from the ringed sheath of his circumcised foreskin. His shaft began to gently dance and wobble as I attacked it with licks of my building amorous desire. Soon, his eight inch shaft was standing at full attention, and my mouth and pussy were ready to feel the penetrating heat of his baby maker which had already proved successful with me.

I studied my master’s cock for a few moments as I looked at each amazing curve and dimple designed specifically for pleasure and procreation. The spongy head of his penis called to me, and I swirled my tongue upon it as I kissed the opening that rendered the ambrosia of his very potent sperm. He was the first man to ever show me how luxurious his bodily fluids could be, and for a moment, I smiled as I recalled how very prudish and shy I had been four months ago when he first showed me how wonderful it felt to slide his hard demanding cock into my mouth; invite it to nestle against my throat; tease the underside with my hungry tongue; feel it swell upon my tongue; and then have my talents rewarded with the tangy heat of his savory cream. The first time he exploded on my tongue, I was shocked, but now I crave his essence each day.

I licked lower and delighted to feel his penile ridge indent my tongue. How strong my master’s cock is and as I allowed my tongue to follow the diagonal curve up where a prize of his pre-cum awaited me at his pee hole. I sampled the clear bubble of potion hungrily, its flavor inspired my passion and I began licking up and down the sensitive underside of his colossal cock as I prepared him to enter me.

“Oh, so good slut.” My master complimented. I was delighted to hear my master wake, and even more pleased that he enjoyed my morning surprise.

I rose upon my knees to straddle him as Sir patted the baby bump that was now clearly evident in my stomach. Soon I would feel him fill the pussy he had so richly impregnated four months previous.



Kathleen is a seemingly normal woman with a secretly held insatiable desire for kinky sex. Little did she expect her son to grow up and become her dominate lover and Master. Within this stimulating incestuous relationship, Kathleen learns to explore her love for degradation and depravity. What unexpectedly awakened passions can this mother explore in this arousing BDSM romance with her son?

eBook TAGS     Mother Son Incest, Father Daughter Sex, Incestuous Impregnation, Explicit Talk, Arousing BDSM Romance, Dominance & Submission, Degradation & Depravity, Spanking by Master, Golden Showers, Kinky Group Sex, Insatiable Fantasy Desire, Oral & Anal


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