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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Exposing Sister

Series:  The Complete Trilogy

Author: Samantha Archer

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Samantha Archer

Language: English

Length:  18,394 Words

ISBN:  LC1200097

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3D Ebook Cover - Exposing Sister - The Complete Trilogy - by Samantha Archer

Exposing Sister Trilogy


The note from Brother lay on her pillow, crisp and neat. As though it didn’t have a humiliating act scrolled across it.

There is a dinner party tonight. Shower with the door unlocked and the curtain open. Only start the shower once the guests have arrived. If someone knocks, you must not respond. You must shower for at least 10 minutes. Do not deviate from any actions associated with showering, this includes covering up, hiding, etc.

Fear rippled through her. Dinner party?? With the curtain open? She never showered with the door unlocked, but with the curtain open too? And if someone knocked...she couldn’t respond? What did that mean? She couldn’t tell them not to come in? God. What if… one of the guests came in? At least if she had the curtain they would easily back out knowing someone was using the bathroom. But if the curtain was open, it would only take them opening the door to get an eyeful.

The dinner party was to start in ten minutes. The doorbell rang, sending a jolt to her core. The first guest. They were all people from her father’s work. Men, women too. She waited impatiently as the door was knocked, the bell was rung, as guest after guest arrived. She checked the clock again. Six thirty. The party was supposed to start now. She supposed this was the best time for her to take the shower.

She slipped across the hall and dashed into the bathroom, watch in hand with an alarm set for ten minutes. Her heart hammered beneath her ribs. Oh God. Oh God. Brother really wanted to up the risk for her. But she had to prove to him she wasn’t scared. Had to prove she could handle anything he dished out.

She stripped and turned on the shower, testing the temperature. When it was finally hot enough, she pulled back the curtain and left it open before stepping inside. The hot water trickled down her body, soaking her hair. The cool of the bathroom made her nipples harden. Damn. She squirted some soap in her hands and rapidly rushed them through her hair.

Her eyes didn’t leave the unlocked door handle. She imagined it opening any minute. Oh God. How long had it been? She glanced at her watch on the counter, timer counting down. It was too far to see. Ignore it, she told herself. It’ll go off when it’s been ten minutes. She soaped up her loofah and began scrubbing her skin.

To her horror, someone knocked on the door.

Terror tore through her. Please God, make them go away. The person knocked again.

“Hello? Is anyone in here?” he said quite loudly.

Couldn’t the idiot hear the shower? Still, she’d been in quite a long time already. And with no response coming, how was he to know? He spoke so loudly anyone in the shower would have clearly heard and responded.

“I’m coming in now,” the voice came and the handle turned.

Horror crashed over her, as everything in her forced her hands to continue soaping up her body and not cover herself, her lips pinned shut from shouting, “Someone’s here! Don’t come in!”

The door opened.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Sexual Humiliation, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Exposure, Sadism & Masochism BDSM, Sibling Romance


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Heat Level

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Sarah has had a crush on her brother since before she can remember. But he’s always seen her as his nerdy kid sister. When she learns he is into voyeurism, she becomes an exhibitionist - putting herself in precarious situations to be exposed to strangers. Little does she know how hard it will really be. But the rewards will be great. Includes all three stories in the Exposing Sister series.

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