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Brother Sister Incest Erotica

Title:  Testing Sister's Limits

Series:  Exposing Sister Series No.2

Author: Samantha Archer

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Samantha Archer

Language: English

Length:  7,564 Words

ISBN:  LC1200099

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3D Ebook Cover - Testing Sister's Limits - Exposing Sister Series No.2 - by Samantha Archer

Testing Sister's Limits


Her phone buzzed. Lean against the corner and pull your panties down. Leave them around one foot.

Her heart jolted, eyeing the three isles that conjoined where she was. They were empty thankfully. She reached up her dress and pulled her pink panties down, stepping out with one leg and leaving them strung around her other. She curled her legs around her once more, spreading out her dress to cover the panties around her ankle.

Buzz. I said lean against the corner. Bend your knees and spread your legs. Wide.

Fear gripped her hard. She leaned against the corner, bent her knees up and slowly spread her legs wide. She looked in humiliation at her exposed pink panties sitting around her high heeled foot.

To her horror, a browser entered one of the isles. The young man, late twenties probably, didnít seem to notice her. Yet.

Buzz. Open the book and stand it upright between your legs. Lift your dress as though your pussy wants to read the book.

The hammering in her ears grew louder and her belly rolled with fear. But...if she lifted her dress, only the book would cover her pussy. She looked at the browser. Then another one came down the aisle directly in front of her. An older gentleman, followed by a younger woman. Shit. If any of them saw her, if they decided to kick or remove the book, sheíd be exposed. She wondered where her brother was. She thought of him and slowly pulled back her dress, shivering in pleasure at the draft gracing her pussy.

Buzz. Now, touch yourself. You may only stop when you come, vocally. Or you may stop if you lock eyes with a reader and knock the book down to show them you fingering yourself. If one of the reader removes the book however, you may only stop once you come.

Horror gripped her and moisture flooded her pussy. Her cunt lips swelled as she lowered her shaking hand. The older reader glanced over at her, and his eyes widened. She slid her finger inside her heat and looked away.  The older man glanced at the young woman beside him, still oblivious, then back at Sarah. She had to come, fast. And that meant truly pleasuring herself. She shoved her finger in deeper and tilted her head back against the wall, unconsciously spreading her legs wider.

eBook TAGS    Brother Sister Incest, Sexual Humiliation, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Exposure, Sadism & Masochism BDSM, Sibling Romance


Ending Type

Heat Level

Relative Taboo

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Sarahís challenges donít end in this second installment of Exposing Sister. From showers to libraries, every part of Sarah is ready to be exposed with brother watching nearby. Can she hold out to win his heart?

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