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Father Daughter Incest Swap Erotica

Title:  Elite Daughter Swapping

Series:  N/A

Author: Lisa Smiles

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lisa Smiles

Language: English

Length:  5,249 Words

ISBN:  LC1100204

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3D Ebook Cover - Elite Daughter Swapping - by Lisa Smiles

Elite Daughter Swapping


I’m in Boston where they like to start their daughter-swap parties with a new twist on an old game. We have each blindfolded our girls—we’ve got five here tonight—and lined them up in a row. All five of us dads are going to put our penises in each of their mouths. The girls get one minute per willy before we rotate. Then they have to guess which dick was their daddy’s. They can’t use their hands and nobody talks. They have to guess which fleshy rod belonged to their daddy by what they feel and taste in their mouths. By now of course all are very familiar with the taste of their own daddy’s jonnies.

“Okay, do all of you girls know the rules?” Harry checks. Harry organizes the Boston chapter of the national incest society. My daughter and I are visiting from Chicago. “If you get it wrong you have to swallow.”

“Swallow who?” asks my daughter, Rebecca.

“Whoever you thought was your daddy.”

Incest starts with the family, but it connects you to a wider family as well. There’s a website we use to meet with similarly ranked fathers and daughters. I’ll admit it all seems a bit base but it’s not like the swingers’ scene. With those guys, if a girl won’t go to the parties he’ll dump her and find someone who will. In the incest community it’s the complete opposite. We’re all with our princesses forever and these girls know it. You’ve never met a young lady so secure in her relationship as one who is in a relationship with her own father. Most women won’t allow themselves the pleasure of other men for fear of losing the man they are with. Incestuous daughters are spared all that bullshit.

Us dads are spared all the bullshit as well. Because I am the only one ever who can be her really daddy, Rebecca will never leave me. I don’t feel the slightest bit insecure about her fucking around. The more she does it the better. She’s my daughter! She’s an extension of me. Her pleasure is my pleasure. That’s just how it is between parents and the humans we spawn.



It's not a sex ring. It's an extended family of daughter loving daddies whose princesses must be 18 or 19 and ranked no lower than eight-out-of ten for their looks. Most men would be spent by the ice breaker games. But not these daddies. They are used to taking the freshest and best, deeply and intrusively, during marathon sessions that last until dawn.

eBook TAGS    daughter swap, father daughter incest, daddy daughter incest, group sex, oral sex, barely legal girls


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