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Erotic Mother Son Incest Novel

Title:  Educating Mom

Series:  N/A

Author: R.M. Dexter

Author's Page:  Other Titles

Publisher:  Lot’s Cave

Language: English

Length:  122,475 Words

ISBN:  9781311152640

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3D Ebook Cover - Educating Mom - by R.M. Dexter

Educating Mom


I clearly remember the first time I snuck into my parents’ room one Saturday when they went to visit friends. I nervously went to her dresser drawers and found the one containing her bras. I lifted a number of them out and scurried with them to the privacy of my room. Closing the door, I pulled back my covers and laid the bras out in a tantalizing display on my bed. I ran my fingers over the sensuous forbidden garments, my fingers loving the feel of the cool silky fabric as I started to stroke my brick-hard cock with my other hand. I found a tag on one of the straps and turned it upwards: 32-G. Oh fuck, within seconds I blew a huge load all over my sheets, being careful not to get any cum on her bras. After I pumped myself dry, I was still hard.

Knowing they were going to be away for a few hours yet, I ran back to their room and went into their closet. Aaaahh, there it was, the object I had come for; the laundry basket. I pulled it out into the light of the room and quickly found what I wanted; a pair of my mom’s used panties. I hurriedly shoved the basket back into the closet and raced back to my room, her white panties clutched in my grasp. As I stood looking at the display of bras on my bed and resumed jerking my tumescent pecker, I brought her panties up to my face. The cool sexy material felt exquisitely wicked against my skin as I rubbed her panties all over my face. Her warm earthy smell entered my nostrils and fired my surging libido even more. I pulled them away and turned them inside out.

“Ohhhggnnn,” I let out a low moan as I looked at the remnants of a damp stain remaining on the lining of the gusset. I pressed it to my nose and breathed deeply.

“Mmmmm,” I gave a soft moan of delight as I inhaled her delicious womanly scent. The illicit delightful odor of my mother’s snatch sent a scintillating wave of pleasure right to my groin. I breathed deeply again, and then let my tongue run out from between my lips and press against the inviting stain. I ran my tongue upwards and my warming saliva seemed to bring the taste of her alive in my mouth. I licked up and down as I savored the illicit taste of my mother’s delicious pussy. I sucked hard on the fabric, trying to gather as much of her seeping nectar into my mouth as I could. Again, it didn’t take long for those tingling sensations to start shooting through my midsection. I came; another huge load of cum splattering my sheets. Being a horny teenager, I came four more times that day before stealthily returning my stolen treasures to their room.

That was the first time of many as dreams of my bewitchingly beautiful mother continued to inhabit my fantasies daily. Yes, I did have a number of girlfriends as I grew up, both in high school and college; but none of them had ever come close to being the woman of my dreams that my mother was. It was like something was holding me back… at least prior to the beginning of the events that take place in this tale.

I pictured many times how things would be if I could be with her as a man, and not just as her son. How perfect life would be if I could convince her to let me do to her all the nasty things I wanted, and to have her eagerly do to me the things that I wanted her to do. I dreamed of being able to educate her to please me, to be the perfect lover that I knew she could be; something I knew that lay hidden within her troubled soul, just aching to be released. But as time went by, I thought that day would never come… until things started to change.



Unable to get the image of his hot mother’s big breasts out of his mind, this young man has tried everything—except educating his shy mother! Determined to experience the taboo sex he craves, this horny coed is about to make his mother son fantasy a reality. After years of pent up want and lust, just what kinky sex acts will this son be teaching his nervous mother?

eBook TAGS    Mother Son Incest, Mom's Big Tits, Breast Sex, Oral Felatio Cunnilingus, Swallowing Big Cock, Handjob


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